Posted by: malia | October 25, 2014

saturday 9: moon river

Saturday 9: Moon River (1962)

1) This song is featured in a Dove candy bar commercial. What’s your favorite way to enjoy chocolate (cookie, candy bar, ice cream, hot cocoa, etc.)?
i love m&ms. i also like chocolate covered almonds, yum. oh and the other day i was at a workshop where it was just freezing and while everyone was getting the coffee, i was just gonna get a cup of hot water to warm my hands up when i spied packets of hot chocolate! yum! that was a nice treat.

2) It was originally written for the movie, Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Where’s the best place to eat breakfast in your neighborhood?
there are a number of places i want to try but i haven’t yet…i think i’ve only been to two…denny’s, and koa pancake house, where i really like their steak & egg plate. i don’t know. i rarely eat breakfast, so i haven’t tried many of the places i want to.

3) Were you able to see the moon last night?
i didn’t look. i’ve been having awful palpitations so as soon as i got home i just went to sleep, that way i don’t have to feel them and worry about them.

4) When Andy Williams’ show was first telecast in color, viewers commented on how very blue his eyes were. What’s the first thing you notice about a person?
i have to say the eyes. i would notice very blue eyes, too.

5) The Andy Williams Show gave the Osmond Brothers their first national exposure. When younger sister Marie joined the act, she made her debut on his show, as well. Let’s say you have just been bumped up to first-class for a three hour flight. Which Osmond would you prefer as your seatmate, Donny or Marie?
i loved watching donny and marie when i was younger. i saw them both recently (well, it was several years ago) on dancing with the stars, and they both are still nice looking. marie seemed more wise-cracking while donny was just a go-getter…so i think i would probably relate more to marie. we can talk about crafts and kids and losing weight.

6) Even though Andy was a millionaire many times over, he was still careful with money, once saying he would never pay more than $50 for a haircut. This leaves Sam shaking her head, because she spares no expense when it comes to her hair. What’s something you splurge on?
computer stuff 🙂

7) Andy’s Moon River Theater still draws tourists to Branson, MO. Have you ever been to the Ozarks?
no, i haven’t.

8) Andy had a discerning eye for Native American art. His collection of Navajo rugs was sold at auction for nearly $1,000,000. Have you ever bid on an auction?
no. i think that’s a bit too frenzied for me. i’d be scared speechless. i’m currently watching cutthroat kitchen, thanks to netflix, and ugh. those auctions get too heated, and i, being timid and meek, would rather crawl into a corner and hide.

9) Andy told an interviewer that his earliest memory was hiding from a storm in the cellar of his family’s Iowa home. What’s your earliest memory?
my early memories are probably still there because they’re tied to pictures. my dad was really into photography so the pictures he took were pretty cool, and when i look at them, that’s when the memories come back. i don’t think i would have remembered them otherwise. like one, i must’ve only been about 3, holding my new baby sister…first picture was nice, second picture she started to slip, third picture, i was nearly choking her, trying to hold on to her as she slipped out of my hands, and fourth picture has me holding her nicely again, but i am noticeably teary-eyed because my dad had yelled at me prior to taking that pic for not holding my sister correctly. 😛 my earliest memory not tied to a picture was probably tagging along with my cousins … there were a whole bunch of boys born before me, the first granddaughter for my grandma, and every sunday we’d go to my grandma’s house. i remember tagging along with them, being the annoying girl they got stuck with, and going through the long grass (taller than me!) to get to the riverbed that was several houses down from my grandma’s. but in the middle of that grassy place, there was this giant hole (well, actually it was a square–is that still considered a hole?) in the ground, where you couldn’t see the bottom–it was just black darkness, and i remember trying to tiptoe around that hole and being so scared whereas my cousins just ran around it quickly, trying to ditch me probably! haha. but i remember that hole, and trying to get around it, so scared that i would fall into it. it haunted me for a while, and would turn up in several of my dreams where i was running away from something–then all of a sudden, i’m in that long grass place, and i get to that big hole and feel trapped. i have no idea what that hole was, now that i think about it. maybe some sort of drainage thing? like maybe there was supposed to be a manhole cover (but squarish) over it and it was gone? i do vaguely remember later on there were a piece of wood over it…but man that’s kinda dangerous, huh? i mean, what if a little kid fell down there? or an animal? i remember once a cow was walking around outside my grandma’s (i have no idea whose cow it was, because not like anywhere near there there was a farm. it had gotten loose from somewhere, though!), and kinda went crashing into the hedges that surrounded her yard. what if the cow had fallen down the hole? well, the hole wasn’t that big, but it could’ve broken its leg, you know? i mean…it was in the middle of a big, tall grassy area, and it was near someone’s property, so little kids are NOT supposed to be there…but you never know. if animals can wander around, you know wild little kids (as we all were allowed to just go out and play in those days without intense supervision) would be around. scary! 😛


  1. I always seem to notice blue eyes too. I have blue eyes which could be the reason.

    • i think mine is the opposite reason–there aren’t too many blue-eyed individuals around here, so they really stand out to me.

  2. I think it’s nice that you were worried about the cow getting hurt in the hole. Very sensitive.

  3. One of my fondest childhood memories were of rowdy older cousins – climbing trees, playing in the open field across our grandparents’ house, playing Indiana Jones, fighting over random stuff, and many others – as well as big family gatherings!

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