Posted by: malia | November 1, 2014

saturday 9: welcome to my nightmare

Saturday 9: Welcome to My Nightmare (1975)

1) Tell us about a bad dream you’ve had.
i just had one last night. well, it’s not super bad, but it made me irritated, and i woke up pretty upset. i guess because yesterday at my meeting i talked at length with a higher up about the new program we’re implementing. she wanted my thoughts on it, so i was telling her how i felt about the program. she said it’s causing her to rethink things and wanted to know if she could pick my brain later (since we were transitioning between topics), so i said sure, and that if she wanted to come in and watch she could. so, i dreamt last night that she did come in to observe. and wouldn’t you know it my kids decided to be the most rude, disengaged, flat out ignoring me type of students. i started yelling at them (i rarely yell), and they just went about their merry way, flatly ignoring me. all while she was sitting there watching. and then my flip charts were all out of order and not perfectly planned out as they normally are. so i was flustered with that, and then the kids, and … i could just feel my blood pressure rising. i woke up all out of breath and angry. haha.

but the worst are dreams i have where i’m running away from something or someone. there’s a point in the running where i *know* it’s a dream, so i tell myself, “turn invisible now!” but i don’t and i’m still being chased. i’ve also had numerous war dreams where people are running around in chaos and a dud bomb *always* falls nears me–doesn’t go off, just lands there. always. those are scary.

2) Sam is not crazy about spiders. What frightens you, or gives you “the creeps?”
centipedes. *shudder* i can’t even look at a picture of one without getting a huge case of the heebie jeebies.

3) This week’s featured artist, Alice Cooper, has always liked to dress up. Performing as Alice, he wears garish eye makeup. In his first group, he and his bandmates dressed as the Beatles. Will you be wearing a costume this weekend?
no. we had a day full of meetings yesterday so no dressing up for us, except professionally. then i picked up my son who didn’t want to dress up or go trick or treating either, so we just went straight home, turned off all the lights, and were hermits. 😛 today’s dentist so no dressing up for that either.

4) Alice says his makeup was inspired by Bette Davis in his favorite horror movie, Whatever Happened to Baby Jane? This Halloween weekend, will you seek out horror movies and scary TV shows, or will you avoid them?
oh, i avoid them all the time. a couple of my favorite youtubers decided this week they would play scary games and i couldn’t watch them! well, i did, but with the window in the background, so i could just hear what they were saying and not seeing the spooky things that were happening on screen. i couldn’t handle!

5) Born Vincent Furnier, Alice used to tell reporters that he and his band got the name Alice Cooper from a Oujia board. Have you ever tried a Oujia board?
no. i’m too scared to.

6) Alice and his band (also called Alice Cooper) were discovered by music manager Shep Gordon while playing in Venice, California. Have you ever visited Venice, California or Venice, Italy?
no. my niece went to venice, italy this summer on her europe trip for school, and she sent us pictures of her trip. it just happened to be around the time that i had listened to a podcast about venice, so it was nice to see the pictures to match with what i had heard.

7) In 1970s England, a morality campaigner named Mary Whitehouse persuaded the BBC to ban Alice Cooper. The ensuing publicity resulted in such a bump in record sales that Alice sent Ms. Whitehouse flowers. Do you believe in censorship? Or should adults be able to choose to see/hear whatever they wish?
no, not for adults. they should be able to choose what they like.

8) Today Alice has a popular syndicated radio show, Nights with Alice Cooper. Listeners all over the United States, Germany, Denmark, New Zealand, and the UK hear him introduced as, “a man for whom even Dr. Phil has no cure.” Do you watch Dr. Phil?
i used to, when he first came out. then it kinda wore thin with me, so i stopped. i didn’t even know he was still on.

9) Did you get many trick or treaters this year? What candy did you give them?
no. well, maybe there were, but again, we had the lights off, and just went to sleep! 😛 for a while we didn’t have a lot because all the kids had grown up but just this year a couple of families moved in with small kids. i saw them as we came home but they weren’t dressed up, so i don’t know if they went anywhere or what. i think most people here drive to other neighborhoods or go to the shopping mall to trick or treat.



  1. I like Dr. Phil’s books but I’m with you that the show wears on me some.

  2. A murder mystery dinner is where a troupe puts on a play while you have dinner, and someone dies. Then you have to figure out whodunit based on the information given in the play.

    Your dream sounds like it would be terrifying given what you were talking about earlier.

  3. I hate those running away dreams almost as much as the jumping off a cliff dreams 🙂

  4. After reading about everyone’s dreams I’m glad that I don’t remember mine.

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