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saturday 9: mama

Saturday 9: Mama (2015)

1) Gamal Lewis got the nickname “LunchMoney” in 10th grade because of his round cheeks and because lunch was his favorite part of the school day. What do you recall about lunchtime in the school cafeteria?
in elementary, i remember the green trays for some reason. they were ceramic and could break if you dropped them. i remember having to pay with tokens because i had reduced-price lunch. i remember us sitting on the same side of the table, all facing the same way, so that we couldn’t talk that much. in intermediate, it was very strict. this was when the teachers taught us table manners. we all had to show proper table manners and were corrected on the spot. we had hosts and hostesses and waiters and waitresses and servers, which we all rotated so everyone had one of the jobs at least once. it wasn’t very loud, just a slight buzz, with everyone trying to be on their best behavior. (yes, it was a private school, much different from my public school elementary i went to, but i thought it was a bit extreme. however, i still don’t dare rest my elbows on the table and always put my silverware in the correct positions because of this.) in high school, it was more free for all. same school, too, but there were no teachers around, no such things as waiters and waitresses or servers or hosts and hostesses. it was buffet style, and seating was wherever you wanted. it was much more noisy than it was in intermediate, but we had a wide range of choices, and if you went during the right period, it was actually quite empty with no lines and you could get your food quickly and eat in peace for a while until the mob came during the later periods. but what i remember the most about high school was FREEDOM (compared to intermediate) and the wide selection of food we could get–you could even make a sandwich and wrap it up for later, if you wanted to. we were very spoiled up there.

2) His father and uncle were members of the band Inner Circle. Their song, “Bad Boys” was the theme to the reality show Cops. What reality show have you seen recently?
they also sang, “girl, i’m gonna make you sweat” which i thought was more popular than “bad boys.” well, i liked it better, anyway. i think the last one i saw was “impractical jokers” which my nephew wanted to watch when he was visiting. not normally something i’d watch, but it made my nephew laugh. he needs to laugh more these days.

3) In this song, Mr. Lewis sings that his mama taught him how to put on pajamas. What did you wear to bed last night?
same old garb.

4) He claims he can’t ever lie to his mama because she’ll hear it in his voice. Are you a convincing liar?
i’m not sure. for the most part, i think so, but i don’t know how easy it is to see through me.

5) LunchMoney sings that his mama made him chicken soup when he was sick. Do you eat soup all year around, only during winter months, or just when you’re battling a cold?
especially if it’s chowder, i’ll eat it year round. yum!

6) The lyrics tell us that when her son was hungry, Mama reliably whipped something up. What’s the last food you prepared?
i haven’t cooked in a long, long time.

7) He also sings that his mama always made sure he had a few dollars in his pocket. Let’s talk about you and money. Did you more recently lend or borrow it?

8) Mother’s Day is for grandmothers, too. Sam grew up calling her grandmother “Grandgran.” Did you have a nickname for your grandmother?
no, it was just grandma, followed by their names. my son and his cousins call my mom “gram-grams” though, which i think is cute.

9) To celebrate Mother’s Day, Sam is giving away her own mother’s favorite candy: Hershey Bars. Would you prefer milk chocolate, dark chocolate, or milk chocolate with almonds?
i’d love milk chocolate covered almonds, please! yum! thank you!


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