Posted by: malia | November 27, 2015

saturday 9: black is black

Saturday 9: Black Is Black (1966)

1) Black is this week’s signature color because Friday, November 27, was “Black Friday,” when retailers cut their prices and consumers flock to the stores. Did you score any “Black Friday” bargains?
no, i havenʻt. i donʻt want to deal with all that. it makes me sad.

2) WalMart, Best Buy, Toys R Us and Target have all heavily advertised their “Black Friday” sales. If you could have a $50 gift card to one of those stores, which would choose? What would you spend the $50 on?
hmm. maybe toys r us, so i can get a video game. actually, i want a 3DS, but itʻs way more than $50. iʻd probably have a better selection at best buy, but iʻm still boycotting them. 😛

3) Star Wars items are predicted to be big sellers this Black Friday. Are you a big sci-fi fan? Are there any sci-fi fans on your holiday gift list?
no, not really. i donʻt think i know of any, either.

4) Feasting and football are also popular Thanksgiving weekend pastimes. Do your Thursday-Sunday plans include pigging out or watching a game?
i saw a little of the game, because my mom had it on, but i didnʻt really pay attention. it was more for the company. we did have a nice dinner, though. my sister was even able to join us, which is rare.

5) At Thanksgiving dinners, Crazy Sam’s homemade gravy is always a hit. (Probably because she’s so generous with the cognac, which gives the gravy a nutty taste.) Do you have a signature dish?
no. i always make something different each year.

6) What did you give thanks for on Thanksgiving 2015?
family. ❤️

7) Monday is Cyber Monday, when shoppers can save big online. Do you shop confidently over the Internet, or do you worry about security breaches and identity theft?
i guess i worry a little; i do always check if thereʻs a little lock thingie in the address bar. but i donʻt shop as confidently as i once did.

8) This week’s featured band, Los Bravos, was international. Their members came from both Germany and Spain. If you could travel to any foreign country in the world, which would you choose?
iʻm intrigued about new zealand since my cousins just went down there and canʻt stop talking about it. iʻve also always wanted to travel around europe, specifically greece and maybe england, but there are other places iʻd like to see, too, such as spain and italy.

9) The band’s name, Los Bravos, can be translated to mean, “The Brave.” Do you consider yourself gutsy?
no, not really, although some people consider it gutsy that i stand in front of 45 7-year olds every day and make them listen and learn. but, really, iʻm as timid as they come.



  1. I look for the little lock on the website bar, too!

  2. Yea, teaching is gutsy. I was always a nervous wreck when I did some adjunct teaching at the local college, and those were adults. I could never do it with kids.

  3. After reading that link you posted about Best Buy, I think I’d boycott them too! Pretty awful.

  4. I love your answer to the last question! People think I’m brave (or crazy) for teaching high school, too!

  5. I’m with you on being thankful for having family. Even when they are a pain I am thankful.

    • 🙂 yes, that is so true.

  6. Definitely brave of you to stand in front of 45 7-year-olds! I got my license to be a special education teacher and assumed I’d always be working with small groups of 10 or less… but since I can’t find a job right away I’ve been substituting, including in regular ed classes that are at least 25 kids! And they are WILD! They can even be mean! I am very shy too… my calmness and patience is a great asset when working in special ed classes, but in regular ed it seems to give them the signal to try to figure out how bad they can be!

    • yes, sadly, i’ve had to punish my kids for being awful to the substitute this year. while my colleagues shrug it off like “when the cat’s away, the mice will play,” i’m like, “still. they need to be respectful.” yeah, some can be really mean. i hope you don’t encounter any more mean ones. 😦

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