Posted by: malia | November 21, 2015

sunday stealing: would you rather meme

Would You Rather Meme

Would you rather be stuck on an island alone or with someone who talks incessantly? alone! please!
Would you rather be too hot or too cold?hmm…too cold, i think. but i get cold easily.
Would you rather have a cook or a maid? a maid. please.
Would you rather be the youngest or the oldest sibling? i’m the oldest, so i know that being the youngest is much better.
Would you rather get rich through hard work or through winning the lottery? i work hard but am not rich through no means, so winning the lottery, please.
Would you rather have a 10-hour dinner with a headstrong politician from an opposing party, or attend a 10-hour concert for a music group you detest? concert.
Would you rather be an Olympic gold medalist or a Nobel Peace Prize winner? a nobel peace prize winner.
Would you rather have a desk job or an outdoor job? a desk job.
Would you rather live at the top of a tall NYC apartment building or at the top of a mountain? top of a mountain.
Would you rather have Rambo or The Terminator on your side? um, i have no idea. the terminator was a protector, wasn’t he? i guess him. i need protection.
Would you rather be proposed to in private or in front of family and friends? in private.
Would you rather have to sew all your clothes or grow your own food? sew my clothes.
Would you rather hear the good news or the bad news first? bad news.
Would you rather be your own boss or work for someone else? i do better with guidance.
Would you rather have nosy neighbors or noisy neighbors? hm. i guess nosy ones.
Would you rather be on a survival reality show or dating game show? dating game.
Would you rather be too busy or be bored? i don’t like being too busy.
Would you rather watch the big game at home or live at the stadium? at home. although i wouldn’t mind an occasional stadium game.
Would you rather spend the day with your favorite athlete or you favorite movie star? movie star.
Would you rather live where it is constantly winter or where it is constantly summer? i don’t mind our winters…i don’t want snowy winters. just rainy, slightly cool winters are fine with me.



  1. You want to sew your clothes? How about I hire you to sew mine, too, and I’ll grow all the food? I might be able to manage sewing a button back on. Maybe.

    • sounds good! haha I like sewing 🙂 well, when the machine cooperates, that is!

  2. I’m with you about being too busy. I get overwhelmed.

  3. I’d be happy with like 2 snow storms a year. We just had our first one….

  4. If I had rainy slightly cool winters I could deal with that, but we have below freezing temps and snow. Blah.

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