Posted by: malia | November 14, 2015

sunday stealing: cookie meme

Cookie Meme

Are any of your friendships on a fine line?

Have you ever witnessed a birth?
i experienced one.

Where’s your favorite place to be when you feel depressed?
it used to be at home but sometimes i get super depressed, then i feel that being out in the sun really helps.

Are you currently looking forward to tomorrow?
i guess?

When was the last time you held someone’s hand?
not too long ago.

Have you ever faked sick?

Are you currently wearing jeans?

Have you gone to a coffee shop within the past week? [i.e. Starbucks]

Would you like to be able to read thoughts?

Do certain swear words just roll off your tongue?

Are you often the last one to understand a joke?
not always.

Can experience be gained just by reading?
for some things.

Does playing the guitar make a person more attractive?
i guess so.

Have you ever slept in a tent, indoors or out?

What does your hair look like at the moment?
just regular. it’s down.

Are you mad right now?

Who did you spend your summer with last year?
my son, mostly.

Did you eat a cookie today?


  1. All of these non-cookie eaters. Sigh.

    • 😀

      i unfortunately am not allowed to eat cookies. 😦 otherwise, i would!

  2. I don’t use curse words very often because I’m afraid I’ll slip at school.

    • haha! i don’t curse at all, but mainly just because it makes me uncomfortable, rather than me slipping.

  3. That birth question was kind of dumb. We have all experienced birth technically

    • hmm, that’s true. 😛

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