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saturday 9: the night the lights went out in georgia

Saturday 9: The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia (1972)

1) The lyrics tell us about a young man who stopped at a bar named Webb’s before heading home. What’s the last restaurant or bar you visited? What did you order?
well, i think it’s considered more “fast food” than a restaurant, although we did sit down and dine there…we went to zippy’s a couple of weeks ago. i ordered the chili bowl, plain and with no beans.

2) In this video, Vicki Lawrence is obviously lip synching. If you had to participate in a competition, would you do better at karaoke or lip synching? And what song would you choose to perform?
i would do better lip synching. i can’t sing for beans. lately i’ve been on a pat benatar kick, so maybe something like “shadows of the night” or “we belong” or “promises in the dark.” those are all much too ambitious for me to sing at karaoke–they’d have to be lip-synched.

3) Back when this song was popular, so was the Rubik’s Cube. Can you solve that 3-D puzzle?
ha. why, yes, i can. 😀 i’m also on a kick for that, too. my son asked for a rubik’s cube when we were at the perot museum, so i got him one at the gift shop. um. i have been the one playing with it nonstop at home! i give it to him to mess up for me, and then i solve it, and then i whack it back down for him to mess up for me again. needless to say, he’s pretty tired of that right now, heehee. 😛 i can solve the thing in just under 2 minutes (just like justin bieber! heh). my son can solve it, too, but he takes a bit longer, but i know i can’t brag too much because he’ll probably soon beat me. so i’m always fiddling with that thing lately. and then last weekend we saw the 2×2 rubik’s cube at target, and i was wondering how could that be a challenge? it’s only 2×2!! so i got it “for my son,” and he told me it’s actually pretty hard. i said how? it’s only 2×2! so he gave it to me and said try! um. yeah. i had to look up how to do it after being stumped with the bottom layer for about 10 minutes. *blush* but now i can solve that, too. i even got an app on my phone so that i can play while waiting at places, and it has the 2×2, 3×3, 4×4, and 5×5 versions on there! i’ve mastered the 2×2 and 3×3, but am currently working on the 4×4. it’s tough, but i shall conquer that, too! muahahaha! 😛

…and i had no idea the rubik’s cube came out in the ’70s?? i thought it was an ’80s thing. i never played with one until then, anyway.

4) Vicki Lawrence is a hyphenate, meaning she’s a comedienne-actress-singer. Using hyphens, describe yourself.
although my profession is only one word, there are a whole bunch of other things that we end up doing that can be tacked together using hyphens. 😛

5) Back in the early 1970s, songwriter Bobby Russell first offered this song to Cher, who refused it. Give us the name of a song Cher did record.
“if i could turn back time” is the one that springs to mind, especially since i think about that all the time. i really despise getting old.

6) Vicki Lawrence won her first big break playing Carol Burnett’s kid sister because of her resemblance to the star. Have you ever been told you look like a celebrity?
i love stories like that, like how david hyde pierce got the part of niles because of his resemblance to kelsey grammer, but he did so well and got famous through that. i don’t look like any celebrity, nor have i ever been told that i look like one.

7) She also starred on Mama’s Family in the role of matriarch of an argumentative Southern clan. As we head into the holiday season, do your plans involve a lot of family time?
sigh. i really don’t know. we used to be such a tight-knit family, but we’re so scattered now. i don’t think there will be as much time with the extended family, but hopefully there will be a lot of time with the main family.

8) After The Carol Burnett Show and Mama’s Family, Vicki became a staple on daytime TV. She hosted Win, Lose or Draw and was a contestant on The Match Game and $25,000 Pyramid. Do you watch much daytime TV?
not any more, because i’m at work. and, also, because i don’t have a tv. but that’s how i most remember vicki lawrence, from all her appearances on game shows. i used to watch soooo many game shows! those were great.

9) Random question provided by a Sat 9er: Bugs/insects. Do you like ’em or fear ’em? Tell us something/anything you know about them.
i fear them. ugh! they creep me out. i wasn’t so creeped out as a little girl–i was the only girl in a bevy of boy cousins growing up. naturally, i’d try to tag along with them, and they’d try to get rid of me by catching preying mantises and grasshoppers and shoving them in my face but i didn’t mind. now, though…they give me the shivers. especially centipedes. *shudder* but i just listened to a podcast on mosquitoes, so here are some tidbits: there are over 27,000 different types of mosquitoes. the word is spanish for “little fly,” and they are in the fly family, scientifically, although the females are the only ones in that whole fly family that has a proboscis for biting. they only bite when they have a bunch of eggs ready to be laid, so when you smash a mosquito that is biting you, you not only killed the mother, but all the potential little mosquitoes that were waiting for the blood meal. they have special sensors that can detect carbon dioxide and lactic acid (what we exhale) and heat (something that’s alive), so they are able to hone in on the target from 100 feet away. they are a host for quite a few diseases, so not only is a bite annoying, but it could also make you very sick. and we used to press our fingernail into the bite in a shape of a cross–that actually helps with the itch. the itch is caused by an allergic reaction to the enzymes in the mosquito’s saliva. and last tidbit: a mosquito will keep drinking until its abdomen is full. there is a nerve on the mosquito that tells it when to stop drinking–if that nerve is severed, the mosquito will just keep on drinking until it bursts. gross. and that is all the trivia i know about mosquitoes. *bow* talk about walking around with a bunch of useless information in my head 😛



  1. You’re right about Rubik’s Cube. Turns out it was INVENTED in the 1970s, but did not become popular until the 1980s. (Another Sat 9er has the whole history of the Cube in her comments section.) I think it’s great that you happen to be enjoying Rubik’s in your home at the same time as we ask the question.

    I didn’t know that about Mr. Hyde Pierce. Cool little factoid!

    • thanks! i love when things work out like that. and yeah what a cool coincidence 🙂

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