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saturday 9: it don’t come easy

Saturday 9: It Don’t Come Easy (1971)

1) This was Ringo’s first big hit as a solo artist. Who is your favorite member of his old, very famous group, The Beatles?
i think it was paul mccartney. i thought he was cute, i thought it was cool that his guitar went the “wrong” way, and i knew he wrote quite a bit of the songs. and then it was through some sort of music challenge or something that i found out about the whole “paul is dead” thing (i had heard my parents talk about it when i was younger, when they scoured their album covers for clues, but nothing more than that). i must’ve spent half a day just reading with much fasciation everything out there on the internet about this conspiracy theory. then through a meme, i think, i read about the feud between paul and john, which made me spend another half a day looking up stuff about that, and that made me sad. i didn’t really know john as he was killed before i started my music interest; paul (and george, whom i also liked) had a few hits during my teen years that made me interested in them. but it wasn’t until just recently that i used all the wonderful resources on the internet to find out more about them, and i just got sucked into it all.

2) In this song, Ringo sings that you have to pay your dues. Do you belong to any organizations that require you to pay dues?
yes, one for my job, and one for the association where i live.

3) He also sings, “you don’t have to shout.” When did you last raise your voice?
i don’t raise my voice very often. it might’ve been thursday when i had to tell kids who were just too engaged in what they were doing to care that recess was over and they needed to put away their things and clean up.

4) Ringo has two piercings on each ear and one tattoo on each arm. Do you have more piercings or body art?
i don’t have any tattoos, so i have more piercings (one on each ear, nothing fancy).

5) Ringo gave his first wife, Maureen, a one-of-a-kind birthday gift. Frank Sinatra made a recording of “The Lady Is a Tramp” personalized to her. Tell us about one of your most memorable birthday celebrations.
I can still remember my 4-year old birthday party, snips of it. mostly because my reclusive uncle whom i rarely saw and knew very little about surprised me by actually showing up, and not only that, but i saw him coming from a way off (it was at a beach park where parking is hard to find, causing people to have to park far away and walk over) holding this gigantic stuffed animal on his shoulder. it was bigger than i was! but i loved that stuffed animal and always had it on my bed, even through college. i think it’s still at my mom’s. another memorable one was one that was not memorable because it was happy. my baby sister’s best friend’s funeral was on my 23rd birthday. she was like another little sister to me, and her death was so unexpected, for someone so young and who seemed so healthy. i cried and cried that whole day, even before and after the funeral. just when i thought i’d get it together, i’d see like her dad crumble down, or her two young brothers huddled together and crying, and i would start crying all over again. even after the funeral, the image of her dad breaking down would just fill my thoughts, and i’d cry. it couldn’t be helped that the funeral landed on my birthday, but i was just miserable that day, sad to be celebrating the loss of one life on the day that you celebrate living. so i remember that birthday (images of the dad still flash into my mind to this day) well, sadly.

6) Ringo appeared as Mr. Conductor on Thomas the Tank Engine. He recorded the narration for the entire first season in just a week. Tell us what you did last week.
wow, i didn’t know he was on that show. well, i never sat and watched it, but my niece was totally into it. last week was just a typical work work for me. nothing really extraordinary, other than being the first week back after fall break, so a bit of a downer, mostly. 😛

7) Ringo also did the narration for Ladybird children’s books. Do you like audiobooks?
wow, i’m trying to think if i even know what his voice sounds like? seems he does a lot of narration. i’m not sure i ever listened to an audiobook. i had the little 45s i used to play on my record player when i was younger, which would read the book, complete with the ting! of the bell to signal for you to turn the page, but i would follow along in the actual copy of the book, so it wasn’t all completely audio.

8) As a boy in Liverpool, Ringo loved watching American westerns. His passion for the genre is reflected in the outfit he’s wearing on the sleeve for “It Don’t Come Easy.” Do you like cowboy movies/shows?
eh. i don’t think there’s any i really watched. for me, depends on the storyline. i could watch a show about anything as long as the storyline holds my interest.

9) You know what else don’t come easy? Nine questions every week. Crazy Sam has heard it all: this meme asks too many movie questions, too many questions about sports, too many questions that sound familiar … OK, now it’s your turn. Help a tired meme mistress out. Contribute a random question that is not about movies or sports (pro or collegiate) and has never been asked before on this meme. Sam will compile these for an all-random Saturday 9 in November. That way she’ll get a much-appreciated week off. Thanks for your help!
oh gosh! this makes me sad. i don’t have any complaints about this meme; it’s one of the few i enjoy! i really, really appreciate the time and research that goes into making this meme! sigh.

i am so not good at asking questions. hmm. i’m going to have to deal with bugs (which i can’t stand) in the next few weeks, so … enlighten me. which bug do you find most interesting, and why? then i can learn some good things about bugs. 🙂


  1. Your birthday memories made me happy and sad all at the same time.

  2. Ringo was on the show the first season. I only know this because my kids really liked the show.

  3. I know just what you mean about heading back to school after break. It’s kind of a downer.

  4. The Paul/John feud made me sad, too. But then I remember how YOUNG they were when the band broke up. No wonder they behaved immaturely. It makes me happy to know that they made up before John died.

    Your story of your uncle and the stuffed animal made me happy, too.

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