Posted by: malia | October 11, 2015

sunday stealing: that alphabet thing meme

That Alphabet Thing Meme

A: Accent — local
B: Breakfast — nothing
C: Chore you hate — cleaning
D: Dad’s name — dad
E: Essential everyday item — water
F: Flavor ice cream — mint chocolate chip
G: Gold or silver — rings
H: Hometown — here
I: Insomnia — sometimes
J: Job title — peon
K: Kids — yes
M: Mother’s birthplace — here as well
N: Number of significant others — in total? 7
O: Overnight hospital stays — 3 times
P: Phobia — acro
Q: Quick at — suspecting
R: Right- or left-handed — right
S: Siblings — sisters
T: Time you wake up — 5am
U: Unnatural hair colors — bright red (like pebbles flintstone)
V: Vegetable you refuse to eat — beets
W: Worst habit — procrastination
X: X-rays — several!
Y: Yummy — food
Z: Zodiac sign — libra

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