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saturday 9: cheerleader

Saturday 9: Cheerleader (2014)

1) Homecoming and football make this an important time of year for cheerleaders. Were you a cheerleader, or did you date one?

2) Beyond cheerleaders and the big game, homecoming is a time for parades. Have you ever ridden on a float?
yes, i have.

3) OMI sings that his girl is always there when he needs her. Who do you know you can always count on?
family members.

4) This video features a sandy beach, a rocky shore and palm trees. What do you see outside your window right now?
it’s nice and sunny out. there’s some foliage and the road.

5) In the lyrics we hear that his cheerleader girlfriend is “like a genie in a bottle.” Who would rather hang around with? Jeannie from I Dream of Jeannie or Samantha from Bewitched?
when i used to watch these, i always wished i could be jeannie. now that i’m older, i think i’d rather be around samantha. jeannie is just a bit too desperate.

6) OMI is from Jamaica. Have you ever visited that island country?
no, i haven’t.

7) Christopher Columbus landed in Jamaica in 1494. Columbus Day will soon be upon us (October 12). Is it a big deal in your community?
no. we don’t even get it off, even though it’s been said we have too many holidays.

8) Queen Elizabeth is Jamaica’s head of state. Her Majesty is now 89 years old and a great grandmother. Who is the oldest person in your life?
my grandma was 89 when she passed away a few years ago. my other grandma is 85, but she has an iPhone and posts to facebook and instagram, like any other person. 🙂

9) Her Majesty was named Elizabeth Alexandra Mary after three of her relatives, who also were queens. Were you named after anyone?
my middle name is my grandma’s name. when she passed away, i was given her jewelry that had her name on them. if i ever have a daughter, i plan on giving her my mom’s name as her middle name, as well.



  1. That is sweet, that you have your grandmother’s jewelry and treasure it. Good for you.

  2. I would totally be that 95 year old on instagram too 🙂

  3. Interesting take on Jeannie. She was always pleading with Capt. Nelson to marry her, wasn’t she?

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