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saturday 9: time for me to fly

Saturday 9: Time for Me to Fly (1978)

1) How often have you flown so far this year?
oh my gosh this summer we went flying all over for a very long trip. well it was a few trips, separated only by a few days. but i am just so over flying right now! ugh. by the last leg of our trip i could feel it–i was so rundown. i’ll be happy never to fly again for a long, long time; however, i do have a wedding to attend in december that requires flying again. ugh.

2) Think back to your last flight. Was it pleasant, stressful, or just uneventful?
it was stressful. it was thundering when we were leaving so the plane ride was very bumpy as the pilot had to maneuver around the lightning and stuff. then for 2 hours it was fine until we flew over kansas which had another thunderstorm, so more turbulence for a couple of hours. then it was also thundering where we were supposed to land so the plane had to circle several times (the whole time bumpy) until it was able to land. i think we were in the air about 40 minutes just circling the airport. i just wanted to get off and onto land again! and then i still had to board another plane to fly across the ocean! luckily though that leg was uneventful. just looooooooooong.

3) According to the Airports Council International, the world’s busiest airport is Atlanta’s Hartsfield. Have you ever been to Atlanta?
i have! last year i went and was amazed at all the automated talking they had there–when you’re waiting for the monorail thingie it tells you about every minute how far away the car is and then it announces when you arrive and then you go on and it makes more announcements. even at the lines in the gift shops, there were announcements about which line was open and when to move forward. i thought it was neat. but i must say that although atlanta was hot, i really, really enjoyed the customer service. i’ve been to other places (especially this year!!!) where the customer service was rude and dismissive. but in atlanta, all the places i went to, anyway, they were SO nice! even like little small lemonade ice stands. they are chatty and engage you in conversation and just seem happy to be serving you. it was NOT like that at any of the places i went to this year–they seemed annoyed like they couldn’t be bothered. so that made me really like atlanta. 🙂 plus it’s the home of the braves. i got to go to turner field to watch my braves play! woohoo!

4) This week’s featured band, REO Speedwagon, took their name from a truck. Have you ever driven a truck?
not one of those big 18-wheeler kinds, but just a regular pick-up truck, i have. my brother-in-law has a huge truck that i’ve had to drive to drop them off and pick them up at the airport. i was so scared driving that thing because my brother-in-law is very particular and i was afraid of scratching it so much that i was so sure i’d get into an accident with it. especially since it’s wider than most cars! luckily i was able to drop them off and go back to their home, and then later, pick them up without anything happening. PHEW!!! this is why i hate driving. the stress!! haha.

5) REO Speedwagon got their start in Champaign, Illinois, which is home to the U of I campus and, consequently, many bars. One of the most popular is the Blind Pig on Walnut Street. Give us the name of the bar, club or restaurant where you met up with friends in your younger days.
i didn’t go to any bars or clubs. we mostly met at the beach. 😛

6) Recently, lead singer Kevin Cronin appeared on an infomercial, hawking TimeLife’s two CD set of Ultimate Rock Ballads. Have you ever purchased anything from TV?
yes, several things. it was bad when i couldn’t sleep at night and used to watch informercials all night long. or qvc! i’d end up wanting to order all these gadgets and stuff! it’s not a problem now because i sleep now at night! and i also don’t own a tv so i couldn’t watch those things even if couldn’t sleep!

7) This song is from the CD, You Can Tune a Piano, but You Can’t Tunafish. Is there a can of tuna in your kitchen right now?
yes. there are a lot, in fact. i usually eat a can of tuna every day for breakfast, and a can for lunch during the weekdays. i saw an episode of house where they found 2 cans of tuna in the rubbish can and asked the housekeeper whose cans they were and she replied that the patient ate 2 cans of tuna every day and so the doctors rushed back thinking she had mercury poisoning!! she didn’t, but i remember feeling very “oh oh” about that since that’s what i do.

8) You Can Tuna Piano, but You Can’t Tunafish is available on eBay on vinyl, CD, cassette and 8 track. Did you have an 8 track player?
no, i never did. i think my dad did…but i don’t remember seeing any 8-track tapes. he did have shelves and shelves of albums, though. his record player got more use than anything, even more than the tv sometimes.

9) In 1978, when this song was popular, the first Susan B. Anthony Dollar was minted. How much do you have in coins in your wallet right now?
i had just given my son $1.50 in change (mostly quarters) to catch the bus so i think i have a few dimes, nickels, and pennies left. not enough to equal $1.00, i don’t think.



  1. I know what you mean by being burnt out from flying. I always need some buffer time.

  2. I’m so glad you had a good experience in “the ATL.” I enjoy that city, too. Your most recent flight, though … harrowing!

  3. I wonder if the writer of this meme knows that Gary Richrath died this past week, as there’s no mention of it in the questions. 😦 He put the rock and roll in REO’s songs, and they were never the same after he left.

    I have this album on cassette, CD, and purchased mp3. Highly recommended.

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