Posted by: malia | September 12, 2015

sunday stealing: mac ‘n’ cheese meme

Mac’n Cheese Meme

Can you ever get enough of mac ‘n’ cheese?

unfortunately, i can. cheese makes my tummy ache. 😦

Are you allergic to nuts or dairy products?

no, although i am noticing a bit of intolerance of some dairy.

Do you think age matters in relationships?
yes, i do. i guess 5 or so years is not much, but when it’s 20+…yes, age matters.

Has anyone ever called the cops on you?
no, but it’s been threatened.

Did you talk to someone until you fell asleep last night?

What’s the connection between the last person you texted?
it was a group text, and i used to work with them. i can’t believe i am now making plans to have lunch with them!

Are you in a good mood?

Excited for anything? 

yes, a few things.

Do you have a hard time controlling your emotions?
yes; i’m too weepy.

Do you like your height?
i wish i was taller.

How long have you lived in your current home?
nearly 20 years!

Could you go a week without brushing your teeth?
i guess i could.

Have you ever given any amount of money to the homeless?
a little.

Own anything from Bath & Body Works?
all of my soap and hand sanitizer comes from there.

Have you ever had your nails so long that they curved down at the ends?

no. i get irritated when they get too long.

Have you ever swallowed a bunch of salt water by accident?

Does it take you over an hour to go to sleep sometimes?

When you get home from school/work do you change into your pjs right away?
sometimes! especially when it’s muggy.

Have you ever stayed up all night and the whole next day without any sleep?

Has anyone ever told you that you have pretty feet?

What is the temperature currently in the town you live in?
according to the weather app on my phone, it is currently 79 degrees in my town. it is 10pm at night! ugh.

Do you ever actually drink milk alone?
i can’t drink milk really…makes my tummy hurt.



  1. 20+ is a big age gap, but if the people are ok with it, I figure it’s none of my business.

  2. I hate group texts. I don’t know if it’s me or my phone but they never seem to go out or be received correctly. :/

  3. I really don’t like milk, just the thought of drinking it makes me shudder!

  4. I wish I texted. I feel like a stone aged idiot. 🙂 I have never sent a text in my life.

  5. No one in Sunday Stealing likes milk. It’s great! lol

  6. It’s still hot here but it’s cooling off. Now it’s supposed to rain today and tomorrow and I can’t WAIT! Rain, please let it rain!
    We have a big couple of groups that co-ordinate with texts. It’s fun!

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