Posted by: malia | September 12, 2015

saturday 9: that’s all

Saturday 9: That’s All (1983)

i was kinda scared when i saw the title. i thought noooo! this can’t be ending! 😛

1) In the lyrics, Phil Collins sings of a time he was wrong when he thought he was right. Tell us about a recent time when you got it wrong.
oh gosh that’s me every day. but since it’s early today the most recent was last night when i was trying to explain to my sister how to redownload a game, telling her she needed to erase her current version so she could get the most recent version. well i told her the wrong email so she panicked when it didn’t work and she had already erased her current version. i had her tell me exactly what she did and it sounded correct and so i told her to restart and try again. she did, and it still didn’t work. then i went back to look at the instructions and saw i had the email wrong :/ after i told her the correct email, it worked, and she was able to get her game back. phew!

2) The song is addressed to a lover that Phil clearly feels is contrary. When he says, “day,” she says, “night.” Is there anyone in your life who seems to disagree with you all or most of the time?
yes. some of my colleagues.

3) This was Genesis’ first Top 10 hit in the US. Can you name another Phil Collins or Genesis song?
there’s a girl who’s been on my mind…all the time…su-su-sudio!
she seems to have an invisible touch yeah!
i can feel it coming in the air tonight…oh lord.
tonight tonight tonight ohhhh…
i can’t dance…i can’t sing…
not much love to go around…this is the land of confusion
you can’t hurry love…no you just have to wait…
we’ve got a groovy kind of love…
one more night…i can’t wait forever…
stop and stare…abacab!
take a look at me now! well there’s just an empty space…and you coming back to me! is against all odds, it’s the chance i’ve got to take…

…heh. not really a genesis/phil collins fan (although i did like susudio and invisible touch), but i am an ’80s girl who grew up on mtv so…yeah. 😛 saw these videos a lot.

4) Phil Collins is a model train enthusiast. Is there anything special that you collect?
not really. for a while it was monkeys and now it seems to be anything with owls but it’s not really a collection. just stuff i’m more drawn to.

5) Collins was awarded an honorary doctorate from the Berklee College of Music in Boston. At the ceremony, he delivered the commencement address. When did you last give a presentation or deliver a speech?
a few weeks ago we had our open house, and i had to give a presentation/speech. hate those!!

6) One of Phil Collins’ early solo albums was called, Hello, I Must Be Going. He took the title from a song in the 1930 Marx Bros. movie, Animal Crackers. What’s the last black and white movie or TV show that you watched?
haven’t seen any black and white movies, i don’t think…the last tv show i watched must’ve been catching an old ‘i dream of jeannie’ episode while flipping through channels at my mom’s house. we used to always watch ‘leave it to beaver’ and ‘the donna reed show’ when i was younger because those were my dad’s favorite shows, so we had to watch it whenever they came on tbs or whatever it was because my dad pretty much controlled the tv.

7) In 1983, when this song was popular, the Lotus 1-2-3 program made it easier for PC users to build spreadsheets. Are you answering these questions on a PC or a Mac? Laptop or desktop? Tablet or phone?
oh my gosh i remember lotus 1-2-3. i am using a macbook pro laptop, which i’ve had for 7 years. it’s still going great 🙂

hope i didn’t just jinx that.

8) 1983 is also the year when McDonald’s introduced McNuggets. What’s your favorite chicken recipe (assuming it’s not McNuggets)?
i like mochiko chicken the best, with chicken katsu coming in a close second. i also like lemon chicken or orange chicken, if not too sweet.

9) In 1983, President Reagan signed the bill making Dr. Martin Luther King’s birthday a holiday. What’s your favorite holiday?
i like them all if it means no work 🙂


  1. I like your answer to the holiday question, and boy do you know your Phil Collins!

  2. I’m always flipping through the channels like that too. You never know what you will find.

  3. I’m really pleased with how my MacBook Pro is hanging in there, too! And while we’re talking computers … your answer to #1 made me so tense! For me, dealing with downloads is one of the most nerve wracking things there is.

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