Posted by: malia | August 8, 2015

saturday 9: rocky mountain high

Saturday 9: Rocky Mountain High (1975)
… because Bev recommended John Denver

1) In this song, Denver sings that he was “born in the summer of his 27th year,” because that’s when he discovered the place where he felt most at home. What do you remember about your 27th year? (If it hasn’t happened yet, what do you want to happen when you’re 27?)
my 27th year was a year i was pretty comfortable in my career, but it was also the start of a relationship with a very controlling person who then started to stalk me, so i was very fearful as well. there were many times when i’d hide in my colleague’s room while she went out and told him that she hadn’t seen me recently, then she’d come back in and comfort me. she was such a good friend. she passed away a few years ago and i can’t help but tear up every time i pass by places we use to hang out together. *sigh*

2) In 2007, the Colorado General Assembly named this one of the state’s two official songs. (The other is “Where the Columbines Grow.”) Do you know your state song?
yes, i do. we sing it every morning. 🙂

3) John Denver was a dedicated environmentalist who wrote an anthem about Earth Day. Are you careful about your energy consumption? Do you recycle?
i’m not that careful about energy consumption–i do keep lights off and such, but i do use a lot of power for fans or a/cs. and computer stuff. 😛 i recycle water bottles and aluminum cans, and reuse newspapers for other things. i do feel though that we use way too much paper in my line of work–i really want everything to go digital but i guess that’s not feasible in the community i work in because many don’t have such luxuries.

4) 1975 is also the year that Denver released a collection of holiday songs called Rocky Mountain Christmas. On this August day, what’s the first carol that comes to mind?
“sleigh bells ring…are you listening?…in the lane…snow is glistening…”

5) Denver dabbled in photography in his spare time and friends say he was quite good. Tell us about your hobbies.
they’re mostly crafty things but i have a lot of unfinished things around because i’ll get started in one and become obsessed and gather all the supplies for it so i can make project after project…then they just sit there as the cycle starts over for another project. is computering a hobby? because that, i’m pretty consistent with. 😛

6) In 1975, when this song was popular, mood rings were all the rage. It was said that the ring reflected the wearer’s mood. Black = anxious/stressed, orange = worried, green = normal, blue = happy, pink = as good as it gets. As you respond to this week’s Saturday 9, what color would your mood ring be?
as i respond…i think it’ll be blue. 🙂 but later on in the day, it may turn black.

7) Pet Rocks were 1975’s other odd cultural phenomenon. Do you have any real-life, breathing pets?
yes, i have a bunch. i have a zoo. 😛

8) 1975 saw the premiere of Wheel of Fortune. Are you good at word puzzles?
i’m okay, i guess? better than some, but not as good as others.

9) Random question: Did you sleep well last night?
i actually did, for once in these past two weeks! i did wake up much earlier than i wanted to, though.



  1. EEk from blue to black. I hope the day is going better than that.. Go! Pink!
    I envy you the Zoo. Really do. And, yes, computers an even blogging can be counted as Hobbies. ;o)

    • haha if i could, i’d totally expand my zoo. unfortunately, not enough time or space to give to other types that i’d really want to adopt.

  2. A stalker sounds scary. I hope that chapter is over.

    • yes, it was scary. i actually haven’t had a call from him in a couple of years, but every time i think that, then i get a call. 😦 hopefully he’s moved on and is in a better place and not creeping someone else out.

  3. You sing it every morning? That is too funny

    • hahaha yeah, when we do flag pledge in school…then we sing the state anthem afterwards. 🙂

  4. I’m so sorry you lost your friend (Q: #1). It’s girlfriends that help us through the bad times, isn’t it?

    • yes, totally! what would we do without them? i haven’t had one that totally replaced her since. i miss that at times.

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