Posted by: malia | July 18, 2015

saturday 9: daddy’s little man

Saturday 9: Daddy’s Little Man (1969)

1) This song is about an afternoon visit between a father and son. What are your plans for Saturday afternoon?
i’m probably just going to rest as i don’t feel very well. i got up early this morning to trek into town to my favorite office supply store to get some last minute things before school starts up again. i like to go right when it opens to avoid people but i was surprised that even though i got there 4 minutes after it opened, it was so packed! people there with their kids buying school supplies and just being jerks. that’s why i like to avoid people! haha! then i came home and have just been resting because i really don’t feel well. i had a list of things to do but i guess that’ll just have to wait until i feel better.

2) The lyrics talks about enjoying an ice cream cone. Do you have any ice cream in your freezer right now?
sadly, no. i love ice cream, but can’t really enjoy it any more.

3) Sam’s father hates it when she swears. When is the last time you cursed?
i don’t curse.

4) In a recent ranking of movie dads, Mufasa (Lion King) and Atticus (To Kill a Mockingbird) got very high marks. Who is your favorite movie or TV father?
well, i don’t watch a lot of tv or movies, so this kinda limits my answers–i’ve always liked dan connor. and i guess that reminds me of fred flintstone. martin crane is a bit of a hoot.

5) Sam’s own father often traveled for business, and always remembered to bring her the little complimentary soaps, shampoos or body lotion he got from the hotel. When you take a trip, do you bring back souvenirs?
yes. on my most recent trip, i kept half my suitcase empty so i could stuff it with things i bought for my son and nieces and nephew. even at the airport, i bought a bunch of pens to pass out to colleagues. i think when you go somewhere, it’s expected that you will come back with gifts for everyone.

6) Back when Sam was in high school, it was her father who gave her driving lessons. Who taught you how to drive?
my dad. everyone used to marvel at how strict and stoic my dad is, but yet was very patient when teaching someone how to drive (he taught a couple of my uncles, a neighbor, my cousins, and a friend’s kid, in addition to me and my sisters and my mom). still, i was very scared, haha. i knew what a beating i would’ve gotten if i had gotten even one small scratch on the car.

7) Sam’s own father is easy to buy for: every year he wants a new pair of loafers, so every year for Father’s Day she gives him a DSW gift card. Would you rather receive a gift that someone chose, even though it might not be just right, or do you prefer a gift card or cash so you can get exactly what you want?
gift cards or cash. they get spent for other things i may need, not necessarily items i want (like paying bills or for food). if i get gifts, they just end up as more clutter in my house. heh. if someone’s going to be thoughtful enough to get me a gift, i’d rather it be something i can use, and right now, it’s most needed in the paying off bills department, or the i just need to survive department. 😛

8) For family barbecues, Sam’s dad dons his “Kiss the Chef” apron and mans the Weber. What’s the last thing you cooked on the grill?
i don’t think i’ve ever cooked on a grill, unless you count the george foreman grill, which, in that case, was used to grill some salmon.

9) Sam’s father satisfies his afternoon sugar craving with an almost endless stream of Butter Rum Lifesavers. When you crave a snack, do you usually want something sweet or salty?
it depends–mostly salty, which is bad because i can’t have salt. once in a while, i will crave m&ms or chocolate covered almonds…but it’s mostly salty things (popcorn, chips, nori) that i crave.


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