Posted by: malia | July 18, 2015

saturday 9: crazy little thing called love

Saturday 9: Crazy Little Thing Called Love (1980)

… because Diana suggested Queen

1) In this video, Queen lead singer Freddie Mercury is wearing a leather jacket. Do you have a leather jacket?
no, i don’t.

2) There’s a statue of Freddie in Switzerland. There’s another statue of him above the Dominion Theater in London. Tell us about a statue or memorial in your town.
gosh, i don’t think there are any. there were tons in philadelphia. if i go to the town where i grew up, there’s a statue for our queen and one of father damien.

3) Mercury said this song was inspired by Elvis Presley. What’s your favorite Elvis song?
hmm. all that comes to mind right now is “hound dog” and “love me tender.” so i guess either one of those two.

4) This song was covered by the animated Alvin and the Chipmunks. Do you still watch cartoons?
once in a while, especially when i’m at my sister’s, because they always have some sort of cartoon on.

5) The members of Queen met while attending Ealing Art College in London. Are you still in touch with the friends you had in your late teens and early 20s?
some of them. it’s much easier with fb now to stay in touch.

6) During Queen’s hey day in the 1980s, Mercury stayed in shape with tennis and swimming. Are you more accomplished on the court or in the pool?
ha! i guess right now, it’d be in the pool, but i wouldn’t really call it swimming. when i was younger, my dad and i used to play while he waited for the rest of his tennis buddies to show up. now, his daughter plays tennis every saturday and is even winning trophies for it. another fail for the rest of us.

7) In 1980, when this song was popular, Brooke Shields made a jeans commercial where she said, “Nothing comes between me and Calvins.” It actually only aired for a short time because so many viewers called and complained about it. Have you ever called or emailed to protest something you saw on TV?
i don’t think i have.

8) 1980 is also the year the Post-It note was introduced. What’s the last Post-It you wrote?
well, i more used the post-it to mark a page than i did writing on it.

9) Random question: Do you blush easily?
oh gosh yes.


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