Posted by: malia | July 18, 2015

saturday 9: bubbly

Saturday 9: Bubbly (2007)

… because Jodi suggested Colbie Caillat

1) Singer Colbie Caillat says this song was inspired by a trip to “the beach and having a wonderful day with a person you like.” Have you been to the beach yet this summer?
amazingly enough, no, i haven’t. i know, i know, i am surrounded by beaches–i just haven’t been home most of the summer and have only been in places not quite known for their beaches.

2) Are you careful about applying sunscreen?
yes. i burn easily.

3) Colbie made her TV debut in a 2009 episode of Saturday Night Live. Are you a big SNL fan?
i used to be. not so much any more.

4) “Bubbly” is often a synonym for champagne. When’s the last time you enjoyed a glass of bubbly?
wedding. forced myself to sip some during toasts. ick.

5) Colbie sang the National Anthem at the third game of the Red Sox/Cardinals World Series in 2013. How is your favorite baseball team doing so far this season?
the braves, as it always has been, are ranked third nl east, although they still are not at the .500 mark. i got to see the phillies vs the brewers, which was cool. the gift shop ladies hummed the theme to hawaii 5-0 when they found out i was from there. i was surprised to find a kukui nut lei in the gift shop, until someone reminded me that shane victorino used to play for the phillies, so that’s why. that’s probably why they also hummed that song to me–must’ve been his entrance music. they kept asking me if i knew his father. uhh…no?

6) In 2005, Ms. Caillat tried out for Season 4 of American Idol but was eliminated very early in the process, before she could even audition for Simon, Paula and Randy. The winner that year was Carrie Underwood. Are you a Carrie Underwood fan?
eh. i don’t really listen to her genre of music.

7) In 2007, when “Bubbly” was popular, actress Yvonne deCarlo died. She was best known as Lily on The Munsters. If you had to choose (and yes, this Saturday you have to), would you rather hang out with Lily Munster or Morticia Addams?
i actually don’t know either of them…i mean, i know what they look like, but i don’t know their character traits, as i’ve never seen either show, so i wouldn’t know whom to choose.

8) In 2007, MySpace was faced with a serious challenge from Facebook, and it’s obvious which social network won. Did you have a MySpace account? If so, do you still post to it?
yes, i had one, and no, i haven’t posted anything to it since probably 2008 or so. heehee.

9) Random question: Which have you had longer, your ironing board or your plunger?
my ironing board.



  1. I’m watching your team play my Cubs as I write this reply! 🙂

    • yay! that was an interesting game even though my team was on the losing side. funnily enough, as i reply to you, the series tiebreaker is on! 🙂

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