Posted by: malia | June 11, 2015

sunday stealing: funky 25 meme

Funky Twenty-Five Meme

1. Most unflattering hairstyle you ever had? What made it so unflattering?
i always had the same hairstyle since birth, i think–just regular hair, no special cuts or anything. i don’t think it even got trimmed regularly. anyway, when i was in 8th grade, i decided to cut my hair like joan jett. i had long, long hair, and got it all chopped off and layered like hers was. i liked it but people came up to me ALL THE TIME to tell me how ugly i looked now that my hair was short. ALL. THE. TIME. and yes they’d just tell me to my face. even teachers. ah well. i thought it was cute.

2. Favorite movie(s) that were made in the 90’s?
i had to look up a list because i don’t associate any movies as being a “90s movie” (like i can with the 80s). of the top 50 listed, i only saw clueless. i don’t think i even sat through the whole movie of the lion king. yikes.

3. Do you rent movies? If so, from where?
no, but i have netflix. i don’t watch movies on it, though…i watch tv shows.

4. Do you like cookies better when they’re just out of the oven or after they’ve cooled?
just out of the oven when they’re still a bit soft.

5. Do you still talk to the person who gave you your first kiss?
no. i did try to find him on Facebook though once.

6. Did you go to pre-school? If so, what was the name of it?
no, i didn’t.

7. How do you take your coffee?
i don’t drink coffee.

8. Do you like fuzzy things?
not really.

9. Favorite kind of chocolate?

10. Are you more optimistic or pessimistic?

11. What about Do you think the site is mean, funny, or both?
i didn’t know that existed. i’m a personofwalmart so i’ll probably think it’s mean.

12. Do you like fat sandwiches? If so, what does your favorite one have on it?
i guess? i like mainly all the veggies one puts on a sandwich. add some mustard and yum.

13. One restaurant you’d never been to but would like to go to?
i have no idea. anything’s fine with me.

14. Last time you got a haircut? Do you need one?
last summer. i probably do need another one.

15. What’s your favorite pattern for clothing (stripes, plaid, etc.)?
just plain.

16. What’s your age backwards?
still too much.

17. When you see typos in a survey, do you correct them?

18. When was your last vacation? Did you go someplace special?
last summmer, although it wasn’t really a ‘vacation.’ it was to attend a conference, but it was in a different state and required travel so yeah.

19. What’s your favorite kind of pancakes?

20. Do you like movies with computer graphics, like Avatar?
i’ve never seen avatar.

21. Do you know how to sew?

22. Are you good at wrapping gifts?

23. Do you like flavored yogurt?

24. How old will you be in December of 2015?
too old. 😦

25. What’s the age difference between you and your siblings?
5 years.

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