Posted by: malia | May 16, 2015

saturday 9; no myth

Saturday 9: No Myth (1989)

hmm. 1989? i don’t recall this song at all. even the video is not familiar to me.

1) The girl in this song is “just looking for someone to dance with.” Who was your most recent dance partner?
well, we did a line dance on thursday with 41 kids. does that count? heehee. otherwise, the hubs.

2) Michael Penn wonders if he’d do better with the ladies if he was Romeo or Heathcliff. What fictional character represents your romantic ideal?
i always liked heathcliff. i also liked edward rochester and mr. darby. *sigh*

3) The lyrics refer to “knots I have yet to untie.” Do the shoes you’re wearing have laces?
well, i’m not wearing shoes right now but i only have one pair that has laces and i only wear that when exercising.

4) Name a character from mythology.
i loved greek mythology as a teen! i loved the names–aphrodite, persephone, alcyone, antigone, eurydice. i preferred the greek names to their roman counterparts’ ones.

5) Michael Penn is the brother of Oscar winner Sean Penn. Give us the title of a Sean Penn movie.
um. shanghai surprise?? haha. *embarrassed* that’s the only one i know.

6) Their father, Leo Penn, was a busy TV director from the 1960s through the 1990s. He specialized in detective shows (Magnum PI and Cannon) and medical shows (Trapper John and Marcus Welby, MD). Are you more likely to watch a program with lots of car chases, or one that’s set in a hospital?
one that is set in the hospital tends to get me very depressed and weepy, but i’m not interested in car chases. i do like the figuring out the case of both types of shows, though.

7) 1989, the year “No Myth” was popular, is the year of the first HDTV broadcast. Do you watch many shows in “high def?”
no, not really. well, wait. i watch things on netflix–is that high def?

8) 1989 was also the year The Simpsons premiered. Who is your all-time favorite animated character?
i love the simpsons, especially homer. but i think my all-time favorite is eeyore.

9) Random fill-in the blank: If I never had to ______________ again, it would be too soon.
have a medical problem 😦

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