Posted by: malia | May 2, 2015

saturday 9: careless whisper

Saturday 9: Careless Whisper (1984)

i had the biggest crush on george michael. which was funny because during wham! days, i didn’t like him–i liked andrew ridgely. but man, when he went solo, cut his hair short, grew a little stubble…hubba hubba. 😛 i never really cared for this song though (1984?? no way!! gosh i’m old!) but whenever i hear it, i get an instant smile on my face remembering wham! days. 🙂

1) You can’t miss George Michael’s gold hoops in the photo above or in the “Careless Whisper” video. Are you wearing any jewelry right now?
no, none right now. i actually rarely wear jewelry, not like i did when i was younger.

2) Though the label says this hit is performed by “Wham! featuring George Michael,” George Michael is the only member of the pop duo who appears in the video. Do you remember the name of the other guy who was in Wham?
andrew ridgely. i liked him a whole lot better than i liked george. 😛

3) Much of the video was filmed on Watson Island, a man-made island near South Beach. Have you ever been to Miami?
no, i haven’t.

4) Born Georgios Panayiotou, George Michael is of Greek descent, the son of the Greek restauranteur in East London. When you think of Greek cuisine, what comes to mind?
gyros and baklava. 😛 i guess also feta cheese and olives? i only know that because i like the greek salad from dominoes, and i noticed a lot of salads labeled as “greek” has the olives and feta cheese.

5) Today he lives in a tony suburb called Highgate, and his neighbors are Kate Moss and Sting. Tell us about one of your neighbors.
my neighbors upstairs have been there about 2 years, maybe? they are a family of 4, with one small boy and one girl who just started school, i think. they are very, very noisy. they play outside unsupervised ALL the time, and i worry they will get hurt and do damage to others. the dad of the family often apologizes to me that his kids are so wild, but i always think, well, then scold them? 😛 the mom of the family doesn’t seem to speak english, but she is nice, and nods acknowledgement whenever i see her. they are always grilling…at least 3 times a week, they have the barbecue out and grill meat and it always makes my mouth water. haha. they’re nice enough, though (compared to past upstairs neighbors). it’s just their kids.

6) George Michael fans can purchase officially licensed merchandise from his website, including an iPhone cover with his photo and signature. Tell us about your cell phone. Is it Apple or Android? Is it a smartphone?
it’s an iPhone, but an older one. i keep seeing everyone else with the newer ones, and i get so jealous! but i’m thinking i need to upgrade soon because my phone keeps freezing and resetting itself. once it crashed while i was sleeping, so it’s lucky my natural body clock got me up at 5:00 (when my alarm is supposed to go off) otherwise we would have been late that day!! ever since that happened, i had to set another alarm just in case.

7) George Michael sang Stevie Wonder’s “You and I” for Prince William’s wedding to Kate Middleton. What’s your favorite love song?
i think there are several depending on the mood i’m in, just because of the memories they evoke. the one featured a few weeks ago, “thinking out loud,” really makes my heart ping right now. and “crazy for you” just makes me very, very nostalgic. “i just called to say i love you,” “saved the best for last,” “with you”…they all bring memories of certain people, and that’s always nice, and tend to make them my favorites.

8) In 2014, George had a health scare. He was rushed to the hospital for tests and released the next day. Have you ever ridden in an ambulance?
no, i haven’t.

9) Known for hard partying in his youth, George is now in his 50s and says he’s quite happy to spend his evenings eating takeout and watching DVDs. Are you doing any socializing this weekend?
ha! i was doing that in my 30s! 😛 i do have a bit of socializing this weekend–have to work with some coworkers this weekend, and then maybe going to my sister’s for the fight. i don’t want to watch it–can’t stand watching fights–but more for the comradeship.


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