Posted by: malia | February 16, 2015

saturday 9: all dressed in love

Saturday 9: All Dressed in Love (2008)

1) In this song, Jennifer sings, “I look good in love …” What about you? When you’re happy, or sad, does it show? Or do you keep an even demeanor, no matter what?
i *think* i keep an even demeanor. 😛 lots of people like to tell me how i’m feeling though, which annoys me! especially when they say something like, “oh you look sick/tired.” and i’m not! then i’m like, “well, thanks a lot!” sheesh! 😛

2) This song played over the closing credits of a hit movie, Sex and the City. When you go to the movies, do you visit the concession stand for popcorn, or a soft drink, or candy?
no, i usually avoid that, although the popcorn sometimes lures me over. i really shouldn’t, though, because of the salt.

3) Think of the last movie you watched at home. Was it a DVD, DVR, streamed or cable presentation?
i don’t think i’ve watched a movie here in a long, long time. oh, wait, i do remember watching love, actually on netflix sometime ago.

4) Jennifer Hudson got good grades in high school and went away to Langston University in Oklahoma. But she was homesick for her family in Chicago and came home after just one semester. Have you ever been homesick?
in a way, i guess? i just think i feel more comfortable at home, so i can’t wait until i get there.

5) Jennifer received acclaim for her renditions of “The Star Spangled Banner” at the 2008 Democratic Convention and Super Bowl XLIII. Do you agree with critics who say that our National Anthem is hard to sing?
it is! lots of high notes! i can’t sing it, that’s for sure.

6) Jennifer is a spokesperson for Weight Watchers and, with diet and exercise, went from a size 18 to a size 6. She says that while she’s committed to healthy eating, she still enjoys ice cream occasionally. Do you prefer your ice cream in a cone or a cup?
if it’s a sugar cone, i like that. if it’s that other type, that’s all colorful? i’d choose the cup.

7) Her fiance, Daniel Otunga, is a graduate of Harvard Law School. Harvard is the most famous of the eight “Ivy League” schools. Do you know the other seven?
umm…princeton, dartmouth, brown, cornell, yale…nope, i guess i don’t know the other 7. 😳

8) With a Grammy and an Oscar, Jennifer Hudson is one of the most successful American Idol contestants. Can you name another singer who appeared on AI?
kelly clarkson…she’s had a few hits. carrie underwood, as well, although i don’t know very many of her hits, since i’m not really into country. i think that’s all i know. i never watched american idol so i don’t really know the show, nor the contestants that were on it, unless they got really famous afterwards.

9) Last year, Jennifer nearly bought a brand-new Ferrari because it was so great looking. At the last moment she backed out of the deal because she doesn’t drive enough to warrant such an expensive car. What’s the last impulse purchase you either made, or resisted?
the last impulse thing i got was the fasta pasta. it wasn’t very expensive, but i did buy it on impulse. my stovetop doesn’t work so i was researching ways to cook pasta either in the slow cooker or the microwave, and came across that, and ended up getting it. i haven’t tried it yet so i won’t know if i regret it yet. 😛


  1. Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Cornell, Columbia, Brown, Dartmouth, and Penn. 🙂 I had aspirations, once.

    I make pasta in my rice cooker! I have a small rice cooker. I put nearly equal amounts of elbow macaroni and water (slightly less water; experimenting with plastic Solo cups, I found the amount of water that works best for me and put a mark on the cup for the water line; the top of the cup is the fill line for the macaroni). I start the rice cooker. When the button pops, I get a wooden spoon and give it a quick stir so nothing sticks, then pour in a whole can or jar of pasta sauce (I’m on a tight budget, so I use the cheapest canned variety I can find) and stir, stir, stir.

    This works with other kinds of pasta too, but you need more or less water, which you can figure out over multiple experiments.

    It’s not necessarily faster than cooking it on the stovetop, but you can’t beat it for ease. And it’s not pasty, as you might predict since you don’t dump any water. This is one of my favorite meals.

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