Posted by: malia | February 8, 2015

saturday 9: a sleeping’ bee

Saturday 9: A Sleepin’ Bee (1957)

1) This song is about the wonder of first love. How would you describe the sensation of falling in love?
i’m not good at describing things but i think you feel giddy and can’t stop thinking about the person. the person brings a smile to your face. you just feel all warm and cozy.

2) This 1957 album was the first Diahann Carroll ever recorded. More recently she recorded “A, You’re Adorable,” a nursery rhyme. Give us some words to a children’s song that remain in your head to this day.
i have a lot of them in my head because i like to sing with my kids. but thinking of a song that i wouldn’t sing with my kids now, but i did sing as a child would be the “suffocation” song: “suffocation, lack of ventilation, suffocation, that’s the game to play.” i know, pleasant. why in the world did they teach that to us in summer fun?

3) 1957 was the peak of the Baby Boom (1946 to 1964). Are you a Boomer, a Gen X-er, a Gen Y-er, or a Millennial?
i’m the gen x-er. whatever.

4) In 1974, Diahann was named to the Best Coiffed Hall of Fame by the Guild of Professional Beauticians. How often do you change your look?
not very often. lately i’ve been wearing my hair down and growing my bangs out, but it’ll probably be back to normal within a month or so.

5) Ms. Carroll made history as Julia in the first network TV show to star a black woman. She played a nurse. Do you/have you ever worked in the healthcare profession?
no, i haven’t. i don’t know that i could. makes me too sad.

6) She also played glamorous, scheming Dominique Deveraux on the nighttime soap, Dynasty. Who is the most memorable female villain you’ve ever seen in a TV show or movie?
hmm. i really don’t know. i know there are a lot of them in disney movies, but i haven’t watched them in a while, so i’m getting them all confused with each other. i don’t watch soaps, either, so don’t have a clue there. it’s funny how these always have female villains but in real news, it’s all male villains. for some reason, i can think of more of those than the female ones.

7) Ms. Carroll began her career as a model. Her height (nearly 6′ tall) is an asset in that profession. Are you pleased with your height? Or do you wish you were taller, or shorter?
i do wish i was taller. especially now that my son is quite a few inches taller than me. i miss my baby boy!

8) Now in her 80th year, she keeps on working. Recently she’s appeared on TV in Grey’s Anatomy and Blue Collar and on the big screen in Tyler Perry Presents Peeples. How do you feel about retirement? Is it something you enjoy or look forward to? Or would you prefer to continue working?
we were talking about that on friday. when i hit retirement age, i would retire right then and there. however, i would have to see if i can still live and pay off bills and such. i may have to keep working. 😦 one of the people i was talking to on friday said she is eligible to retire in december 2016, and probably will…but she’d have to find another job just to have an income. sad. 😦

9) In her long movie career, Ms. Carroll has played love scenes with some very good looking men, including Sidney Poitier and Billy Dee Williams. If you could steal a kiss from any actor or actress, who would choose?
oh gosh there are quite a few 🙂 right now, i think i’d choose darren criss so he can look at me intensely with those hazel eyes of his and sing me a love song before coming for the kiss. *sigh* *giddy* *smiling* *warm* *cozy*


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