Posted by: malia | January 3, 2015

saturday 9: kentucky rain

Saturday 9: Kentucky Rain (1970)

1. In this song, Elvis hitchhikes across Kentucky. Have you ever hitched a ride?
no, i haven’t. i tried once by asking people for a ride but no one would take me.

2. Elvis received his first guitar for his 11th birthday, even though he’d asked his parents for a bicycle. As an adult, how often do you ride a bike?
i don’t know how to ride a bike, unless it’s stationary. 😛 i’ve never owned a bike.

3. When Elvis was a child, his family was very poor, often living in rooming houses or public housing. His classmates teased him for being “trashy,” which left him shy. Were you more shy or outgoing as a kid?
i was very shy. we also lived in a federally-funded housing, but then again, so did all of my classmates, so that wasn’t the reason why i’m shy. my whole family is just quiet, shy people.

4. While in high school, Elvis mowed neighbors’ lawns with a push mower and a sickle. According to The Home Depot, one of today’s most popular mowers is a gas-powered Cub Cadet with a self-mulching feature. Tell us about your lawn mower.
hee! it’s non-existent. i have no yard.

5. In the 1950s, Frank Sinatra dismissed Elvis as, “deplorable.” Yet by the time of Elvis’ death, he had revised his opinion and said, “Elvis was the embodiment of the whole American culture.” Tell us about something or someone you changed your mind about.
i really did not like this one person i worked with–she seemed a bit pushy and kept interjecting when i thought she didn’t have any basis for saying anything. but then she was put in our group, and she turned out to be my best buddy by the end of the year.

6. After Elvis was discharged from the Army, his first performance was on a Sinatra TV special, sponsored by Timex. Do you wear a watch?
no. i don’t like that tight feeling around my arms. i did have a very nice watch that was more a bangle, so it wasn’t tight against my wrist, but i don’t know what happened to it. 😦 i’d wear it again if i had one of those.

7. Coinciding with Elvis’ 80th birthday, there will be an auction of Presley-related memorabilia at his home in Graceland. One item up for bid is a plush toy he gave to an Army buddy’s wife in 1958 for the baby she was expecting. Do you know anyone who is looking forward to a baby in 2015?
yes, my cousin is at the “any day now” phase…within the next 2 weeks she should have her baby boy. also, one of my colleagues is expecting a baby in march.

8. None of the items being sold at the Graceland auction actually belonged to Elvis at the time of his death. Everything left to daughter Lisa Marie remains in her possession. Do you have something you cherish that was given to you by a close relative?
yes, things i got from my grandma upon her death are very special to me. i just took them out yesterday and held them, remembering happier times. *sniff*

9. The US Postal service sold more than 500 million of the Elvis commemorative stamp. According to the Census Bureau, that was two stamps each for every man, woman and child in the United States. When is the last time you visited the post office?
in november, i went to the post office to mail a present to my step-sister. they used to live less than a mile away but now they’ve moved all the way to the other side of the island. i know it’s not that far (not like across the country) but we’re hardly ever on that side of the island, and i was already 3 weeks late with the present, so i just decided to mail it to her. 😛 i also got some stamps, as well. 🙂



  1. Everyone seems to be having babies right now. Not me of course 🙂

    • heehee! yes, i’ve had a number of cousins giving birth in 2014, and a couple more in 2015. gives me baby fever!

  2. I bet your step sister was happy to get a package in the mail! So much more fun than bills.

    • yes, that’s true! haha! i wish i got more packages myself!

  3. I used to not like a person, but as I got to know her I realized that she has been fighting the battle with depression.

    P.S. your link is wrong on Sat. 9’s page it send you back to Sat. 9s page.

    • oops! thanks for letting me know!

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