Posted by: malia | December 13, 2014

saturday 9: feliz navidad

Saturday 9: Feliz Navidad

1. “Feliz Navidad” is Spanish for “Merry Christmas.” Can you wish us happy holidays in a language other than English or Spanish?
actually, that’s not happy holidays, but it’s what i learned from watching もしもし several year ago. 😛

2. According to ASCAP (the American Association of Composers, Authors and Publishers), this is one of the 20 most played holiday songs of the last 10 years. What’s the most recent carol that you heard?
it was actually this song. 🙂 it was playing in walmart as we were walking out and we stayed a bit so my son, who is learning spanish, could hear the spanish.

3. Which Christmas song do you hope you never hear again?
oh gosh. all of them! haha! i’m such a scrooge with christmas songs. they make me so annoyed. i dread going to stores from the day after thanksgiving all the way until the new year. i’ll be happy if i never hear another one again!

4. This week’s featured artist, Jose Feliciano, was honored to perform this song at the tree lighting ceremony at the Kennedy Center in Washington, DC. If you were to win a trip to our nation’s capital, which sites would you visit?
i think i would like to see all the important sites–washington monument, lincoln memorial…all the museums and memorials there.

5. As a very young child, Jose taught himself to play the accordion. If you could suddenly, easily learn to play any instrument, which would you choose?
the banjo. it just seems that your fingers need to fly when playing that. but i saw steve martin playing it, and it made me want to try even more.

6. Jose says that hearing early 1950s rock on the radio made him want to become a singer. What’s your favorite music genre?
i am a pop and rock girl.

7. At 17, Jose had to drop out of school to help support his family. Too young to enter bars, he played guitar in coffee houses for tips. Have you ever worked a job where you regularly received gratuities?
nope. i don’t think that i could work in a job where i’d have to deal with rude people all day.

8. Jose and wife Susan have been together for more than 40 years. Who is the happiest married couple you know?
hmm. i think it was the person i used to work with…i think they’re going on 55 years now. i’ve never heard them fight, or her complaining about him. they are always together and look very happy. i know they got married very young, so it’s refreshing to see them last this long and still be happy. they were lucky to have found each other so early on to be able to be with each other this long.

9. Jose wrote and performed the theme of the 1970s show, Chico and the Man. What’s your current favorite TV show?
i don’t own a working tv so i don’t know current shows…i just watch netflix on my phone, and i’m currently watching chopped on it. i wouldn’t say it’s my favorite (in fact, some things about that show annoy me) but it’s really the only thing i’m currently watching! 😛


  1. The banjo is fun to listen to; great choice. And I think you had the most interesting foreign holiday greeting. 😉

  2. I find it interesting that so many people are doing without TV these days. The world really is a-changing.

  3. Loved the answers and especially the one about Christmas music from Thanksgiving to New Year’s Eve! Gah! So true! Banjos are pluck/strummed so they look sort of impossible to play. My daughter tried to show me but my hands are just way way to slow for that now. lol

  4. I get pretty annoyed too after a while with those carols. Except for Don Henley/ Eagles Please Come Home for Christmas

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