Posted by: malia | November 28, 2014


super random bolding.
made by sarah at cantbelieveitt_surveys

I could tell my best friend pretty much anything.
I would never cheat on a significant other.
I’ve cheated before.
I never go out of my way to intimidate people.
I don’t really have chores to do, but I still help out.
I’ve been with my current boyfriend for 6months or less.
I’ve been with my boyfriend for over a year.
My mom gets on my nerves a lot.
I’m a pretty fast reader.
I know what it feels like to be made fun of.
I’ve had a xanga for more than 4years (either on this account or another)
People have descibed me as intellectual.
People have described me as crazy.
I’m not wearing slippers.
I wish I was.
I haven’t been shopping in sooo long!
I don’t smoke cigarettes, yuck.
I really need a drink of water.

i’m cooking something at the moment.
^ In the microwave.
There’s leftovers in the fridge.
Someone on this season of american idol is from my town.
I’m a vegetarian.
My nails are not long at all.
There’s a dirty dish on the desk i’m sitting at.
I’ve been grounded all this week.
It’s really windy outside.
It snowed this morning. =]
There’s pizza bagels in my freezer.
I put salt on everything.
I’m unemployed.
^ and hating it.
^ & couldn’t care less.
I’m not even old enough for a job.
None of my siblings are home.
I’m not in that great of a mood.
I have more than one tattoo.
I have more than 6 piercings.
My back is starting to hurt.
^ more like around my shoulders.
A massage would be nice.
This survey is getting too random for me.
^ Uhm, isn’t that the point?
I’m a fairly good artist.
Art will have something to do with my future profession.
I’ve taken more than 1000 surveys.
I do not have anything illegal in my purse.
I do however, have gum. =]


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