Posted by: malia | November 27, 2014


soundtrack of your life survey.
do not remove tag plz. 🙂

if your life was a movie, what would the soundtrack be? find out by putting your ipod (or anything else you have) on shuffle and answering the questions truthfully with the song name that comes up. no cheating!

opening credits: “kāwika”
being born: “kid on a corner”
first b-day: “let’s go right down to it”
life as a toddler: “our boat is rocking on the sea”
first day of school: “pili mau me ʻoe”
happiest memory: “hey, soul sister”
life as a preeteen: “pikachu”
first boyfriend: “hawaiian roller coaster ride”
high school: “bubbly”
first love: “show me how you move”
heartbreak: “stir it up”
flashback: “kiss from a rose”
first job: “endless summer nights”
prom: “he hawaiʻi au”
getting a car: “brown sugar”
graduating: “madrid”
first day of college: “since u been gone”
general outlook on life: “i need you tonight”
first time getting wasted: “let’s get it started”
first wild party: “your love”
losing your virginity: “our first time”
getting married: “savitri”
your wedding song: “linus and lucy”
getting pregnant: “3”
birth of child: “buttons”
life as a mother: “someday i’ll be saturday night”
kid moving away: “this is how we do it”
divorce: “the mexican connection”
being a grandmother: “pua ʻōlena”
parents dying: “november rain”
fight scene: “underneath it all”
getting deathly sick: “she’s gone”
funeral song: “storm me”
ending credits: “make you feel my love”



  1. I was in a wedding whose recessional music was Linus and Lucy. On my suggestion. 🙂

    • it’s such a happy song, i wouldn’t be able to walk down the aisle without skipping or dancing side to side.

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