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from here.

( – the ultimate ex survey – )
gosh. who to choose? i’ll go with the one i really thought would last…but that relationship was about 20 years ago. 😳

about him
+ name:
+ age: almost 41.
+ location: not sure.
+ hair color: light brown.
+ eye color: grayish-blue.
+ glasses/braces: no.
+ freckles: no.
+ skin problems: no.
+ tanned or pale: pale.
+ best physical quality: lovely eyes.
+ worst physical quality: practically no lips.
+ best personality trait: witty.
+ worst personality trait: cheating.
+ family members: mom, stepdad, and half-sister. not sure if he has a family of his own right now–i’d think he would.
+ style: casual.
+ type of music: folky music.
+ parents names: not sure…i remember his sister’s name, though.

meeting each other
+ where did you meet him:
through a mud.
+ how old were you: 23.
+ how old was he: 21.
+ how long again did you meet: wait, what?
+ who[m] did you meet him through: m.
+ was it at school: kinda.
+ if yes, were you in the same classes: no.
+ was it love at first sight: no.
+ what were your first thoughts: jerk.
+ did you think he was boyfriend material: no.
+ was he single: yes.

getting together
+ could you tell he liked you:
+ did you flirt: no.
+ did you talk a lot: eventually.
+ were you good friends before: kinda.
+ did you see each other every day: nearly.
+ did you hang out a lot: yes.
+ who was the first person to share their feelings: he was.
+ who asked who out: he asked.

early stages
+ how far into the relationship did you kiss:
first date.
+ hold hands: when we first confirmed we were a couple.
+ make out: first date.
+ who put more effort into the relationship: probably he, i think.

first date
+ where did you go:
to the museum.
+ when was it: in the afternoon, right after i picked him up.
+ was it a group date: no.
+ was it fun: yes.
+ did you kiss or anything there: yes. oh, wait. at the museum? no.
+ did he pay: well, i had membership so we were free.
+ was it a good date: yes.
+ rate it out of 10: 10.

random stuff
+ what did you guys argue about:
i would exasperate him, i think. just by being me.
+ did they use a pickup line when they asked you out: no. but he was a punny person.
+ what did your friends think of him: they liked him.
+ what did your family think of him: they thought he was nice.
+ did he ever meet your parents: yes.
+ what kind of stuff did you guys do together: computer stuff, nerdy stuff, restauranty stuff.
+ did any of your friend hate him: no.
+ why: n/a
+ did you ever have sex: yes.
+ if yes, how did you feel about it: it was nice. he always made me feel really wanted.
+ if no, were you planning on it: n/a.
+ what was the longest you had gone without seeing each other: a couple of months, i think.

firsts together
+ thing shared:
a laugh?
+ thing he bought for you: a stuffed banana. inside joke.
+ kiss: after the museum.
+ secret: …secret what? i’m not sure.
+ lie: probably that he liked me.
+ inside joke: the banana thing i said above.
+ all night talk session: just before he said he started having feelings for me (the lie).
+ talk on the phone: i don’t know that we’d ever talk on the phone???
+ time you said i love you: after a while.

your friends and him
+ were they friends with him too:
+ do they know him well: not really.
+ did they like him: yes.
+ did they approve of the relationship: yes.
+ were they jealous: i don’t think so.
+ did you go on group dates with them: no.
+ did they get along: sure.

the love part
+ did you love him:
+ did he love you: he said he did. but i questioned it afterwards.
+ did he ever say he did: yes.
+ what did he do to prove he did: just little things.
+ did you ever think he was the one: yes.
+ did you put him before friends: towards the end.
+ what about before family: no.
+ did you not love him at all: no, i did.
+ did you tell him you loved him and not meant it: no.

fights & stuff
+ have you been through anything tough together (other than breaking up):
not really. unless you count before we got together.
+ what was it: if it was before we got together, it was my breakup with someone else.
+ did you work things out: no. okay, i’m thinking of something totally different here. no, no tough times together.
+ were you happy that you did: n/a
+ have they seen you cry: yes.
+ have you seen him cry: maybe teary.
+ did you make him cry: no.
+ has he made you cry: yes.
+ what did you do to fix your relationship problems: nothing.

breaking up
+ who broke up with who:
i did.
+ what was said: nothing.
+ did anyone cry: i did.
+ what was the reason: he was in love with someone else.
+ did you do it in person: no.
+ if yes, was it alone or in front of people: n/a.
+ if no, how did you do it: i just disappeared from his life.
+ were you happy to do it: at the time, no, but i knew i had to let him go.
+ was it hard to do: yes.

right now
+ are you still friends:
+ is he going out with someone right now: i’m pretty sure he is.
+ does he still like you: i doubt it.
+ do you still like him: not really.
+ are you shy around him: i’m shy around everyone.
+ do you still flirt: no.
+ would you take him back: i ask myself this sometimes. i might. but there wouldn’t be any trust.
+ is there anything you would change: a few things.
+ will you always love him: sure.


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