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from here.

a big ‘have you ever?..’ survey !
you can bold your answers if you want.

1. taken the blame for something you didn’t do?
2. stayed up all night by yourself?
3. stayed up all night with other people?
4. drank something from straight out of the carton?
5. felt like you were going to die?
6. made up an excuse not to hang out with someone?

7. was forced to have sex/was raped?
8. burst into tears for no apparent reason?
9. eaten a whole pie or cake by yourself?
10. waited an entire night for someone to call?
11. got stood up on a date?
12. fell asleep in the movie theaters?
13. let your friend borrow more that $50 from you?
14. spilled a whole bowl of burning hot water on yourself?
15. spent the entire day on the computer doing surveys?
16. looked through old photographs?
17. felt sad just because you heard someone else’s name in conversation?

18. starting reading a book that was so terrible you couldn’t finish it?
19. lost your voice for more than a day?
20. spilled a drink on someone else?
21. watched a marathon of your favorite tv show?
22. done the 5000 question survey?
23. had a wish come true?
24. had a miracle come true?

25. someone said something you didn’t think was true but agreed just because they’re cool?
26. or something else stupid like that just to get more people to like you?
27. partied so much you couldn’t remember what happened the night before?
28. screwed up with someone so badly they haven’t talked to you since to this day?
29. spun around until you were dizzy and fell over?
30. peed your pants past the little kid ages?
31. known/know someone with a terrible disease?

32. babysat for the most annoying kids in the world?
33. enjoyed yourself doing something you thought would be boring?
34. threw a fit because you didn’t get your way?
35. got a christmas present you hated?
36. had a tea party when you were younger?
37. had your period leak through in public?

38. screamed something perverted out to a total stranger?
39. did a dare that got you in trouble?
40. wrote a sappy love song or love poem?
41. given someone a fake phone number to someone?

42. carried more than $500 on you at once?
43. found out your parents read some of your ims?
44. made up your own language?
45. worn underwear for more than a day without changing it?

46. bought something without trying it on & then ended up hating the way it looked on you?
47. felt bad about telling someone the truth, so you lied?
48. ripped your pants while trying to do the splits?
49. were so scared that you had to talk to yourself to feel better?
50. went on a walk late at night?

51. gotten lost in the woods?
52. made up your own games?
53. laughed so hard you choked on something?

54. gotten your tongue stuck to a pole?
55. jumped in leaves?
56. stepped in dog shit?
57. put a burning bag of dog shit on someone’s porch, rang the bell & ran away?
58. had your house been egged or toilet papered?
59. blamed the dog or other person for one of your farts?
60. clogged up the toilet at someone else’s house?
61. was the last to know about something?
62. had a hilarious halloween costume?
63. laughed hysterically at one of your own jokes?
64. thought someone was waving at you but it was really the person behind you?
65. ran around in summer clothes when it was winter?

66. forgot about one of your friend’s birthdays?
67. had a surprise party thrown for you?
68. wished it was friday?

69. watched a movie where the main character was exactly like you?
70. seen a movie that was boring in the theaters so you just chilled in the washrooms instead?
71. made a wish at 11:11?
72. fallen off a horse?
73. watched a scary movie then wasn’t able to sleep?
74. dreamed in black and white?
75. accidentally cut yourself while shaving?
76. laughed uncontrollably for half an hour?
77. experimented with the same sex?
78. made out for more than 10 minutes?
79. memorized all the lines in a movie?
80. did something stupid in public & then had everyone staring at you?

81. taped a ‘kick me’ sign to someone’s back?
82. thrown up all over somebody?
83. saved an animal’s life?
84. tried to comfort someone but ended up making everything worse?
85. had to sit beside a perverted guy on a bus?

86. thrown a huge party & then got your house trashed?
87. kept a big secret from your parents that they haven’t found out yet?
88. told a joke that nobody thought was funny?
89. dated somebody who was three or more years older than you?

90. had an awkward confrontation with your most hated ex in public?
91. fought with one of your friends in public?
92. had someone use for something, like money?
93. been honked at by some guy when you were walking down the sidewalk?
94. been attacked by an animal?
95. been walked in on when you were changing out of a bathing suit?
96. had an after school detention when you had big plans after school?
97. pretended you were cold just so your boyfriend would cuddle with you?
98. ambushed someone with water guns and sprayed them?
99. were the only sober one at a party?
100. laughed at the completely wrong time?
[ made by katie: WWW.XANGA.COM/SERVAIZE; don’t remove! ]


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