Posted by: malia | November 18, 2014


from here.

1. my bangs look really gross right now.
2. a guy’s smile is the first thing i notice about him.
3. before i make out with someone, i always chew gum.
4. i layer my clothing.
5. hayley williams from paramore is so cool!
6. i can’t stand her & don’t see what the big deal is with her.
7. if someone sends me a really funny text, i’ll save it.
8. i never really got over my pokemon obsession until i was 10 or 11.
9. in the summer, i get really burned then it turns into a tan the next day.
10. i’m never on aim/msn/yahoo while doing surveys, i find it too distracting.
11. i find myself experiencing déjà vu frequently.
12. although i’m pretty tough, i have a weak spot for kittens & cute little animals.
13. the harry potter cast look so different now from when they were first years!1
14. i’ve been told i don’t need to wear makeup because i have good eyelashes.
15. i think that’s true.
16. if i had a lot of money right now, i wouldn’t spend it. i’d save it all.
17. it sounds cheesy, but i actually have watched the sun go down with someone i like(d).
18. i only use my phone for texting.
19. my parents have caught me smoking weed.
20. i have the potential to try out for one of the following shows: america’s next top model, so you think you can dance, or american idol.
21. i’ve worn shorts in the winter.
22. i really wish there were actual edward cullens out there.
23. i don’t think the person they chose to be edward (robert pattison) in the twilight movie looks like the right guy.
24. it’s kind of gross how new york hasn’t cleaned up all that confetti at times square on new year’s eve yet.
25. it really hurts my wrists when i play guitar hero.
26. when i was little i’d always try to run to the end of the rainbow, thinking there was a pot of gold at the end of it.
27. i look really mean, but i’m actually a big softie.
28. the stupidest show ever = rob & big.
29. i hate when people wear skinny jeans, no offence.
30. i’ve never liked starbucks and probably never will.
31. kevin jonas is definitely not as cute as his brothers.
32. i hate it when girls who are smart act like idiots in front of guys.
33. i know someone who looks so much better when they’re wearing glasses.
34. i’ve never missed a day of my school so far this year.
35. i remember what i did on this day a month ago.
36. i’d look terrible with blonde hair.
37. i’m friends with a girl who’s a lesbian & it hasn’t changed our friendship at all.
38. the song ‘with you’ by chris brown was cute at first, but now it’s getting way too overplayed.
39. i have one of those really furry hats with the ear flaps.
40. the only card game i know how to play is go fish.
41. i’m subscribed to a fashion magazine.
42. i couldn’t care less about those trends.
43. having asthma sucks, or it must suck.
44. i’ve gotten an injury the day before the big game or a pimple the day before of the prom or a dance.
45. i’ve been smacked on the ass by a girl before and it was pretty … awkward.
46. the little mermaid is my favorite disney classic.
47. i have a song/movie i love so much i could listen to/watch it all day.
48. i’ve made a survey before.
49. i agree that it’s pretty hard to make good ones.
50. i’m going to suscribe to servaize.
[ made by katie: WWW.XANGA.COM/SERVAIZE; don’t remove! ]

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