Posted by: malia | November 8, 2014

saturday 9: brother can you spare a dime?

Saturday 9: Brother, Can You Spare a Dime?

1) Bing Crosby wants a dime for food. Adjusted for inflation, 10¢ in 1932 is now worth $1.69. Can you think of anything you could buy at the grocery story with $1.69?
maybe a can of tuna, if it’s on sale. or you could also get a candy bar, i think? not sure, it’s been a while since i’ve gotten candy. i think you can get a bottled water for around $1.69, too.

2) This song was originally released as a 78 rpm record. Have you ever seen a 78?
yes, i have. or wait. maybe i’m thinking of a 45. but i’ve seen a record 😛 and i still have quite a few of my 33 1/3s and a couple of my 45s.

3) In 1932, Jean Harlow was Hollywood’s glamor queen. Who do you think sets the standard for glamor today?
oh gosh, i have no idea. i guess it’s usually the first wives? or the princesses in the u.k.?

4) One of 1932’s best selling books was Agatha Christie’s Peril at End House. She remains popular today. Are you familiar with her work?
i’ve heard of her, but i’ve never read any of her books.

5) This week’s featured artist, Bing Crosby, worked as a caddy when he was 12 and continued to enjoy time on the golf course his entire life. What type of exercise do you do most often?
i don’t do many now because of my heart problems, but i used to love to dance. i’d do zumba nearly every day or i’d fire up the wii and play just dance.

6) Bing had twin sons, Dennis and Philip. Many people believe that the propensity for twins is hereditary. Are there twins in your family?
not in my family, but my sister is married to a twin. i think they said his mom had twin grandaunts or something…somewhere along the line there were twins in that family, although quite a bit removed from him.

7) Bing’s daughter, Mary Crosby, has her own place in TV history. Do you know why?
gosh, that name sounds familiar. was she on that’s incredible?
oh! just looked it up. that was cathy lee crosby. mary crosby was kristin on dallas, and because my parents were obsessed with that show, i know that she was the one who shot j.r.

8) In the mid 1970s, Crosby and his family did commercials for Minute Maid. Do you have any orange juice in your refrigerator?
no, i don’t. i love orange juice, but need to watch my sugar.

9) Now for something completely random: Do you like beef jerky?
i LOVE beef jerky. it’s what i carry as a snack. i especially loved the way my mom used to make it when we got our food dehydrator back when they were all the rage in the ’80s. she made it every once in a while, but i LOVED it. the kind you get in the store today don’t measure up to the ones she made, i guess because hers was more fresh and not loaded with tons of preservatives. hmm. now i’m thinking i should get a dehydrator myself and make some of my own beef jerky! yum!



  1. I think making your own beef jerky would be worthwhile if you like it.

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