Posted by: malia | October 11, 2014

saturday 9: put a ring on it

Saturday 9: Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It) (2008)
funny. i just wrote a post about this topic last night. 🙂

1) Are the majority of your friends married or single?
it’s about half-half.

2) Rings are one of the items most frequently pawned. Have you ever visited a pawn shop, either to sell or to buy?
yes, i have. i was looking for cheap video games when i was younger, and would frequent the pawn store near my home.

3) Let’s say we want to put a ring on it: What’s your ring size?

4) Beyonce does commercials for Pepsi. What’s the last beverage you drank?

5) Beyonce also has a clothing line. What are you wearing right now?
just my sleep clothes. nothing fancy. 😛

6) Speaking of clothes, Sam was changing hers this morning when she unintentionally flashed her neighbor. She didn’t realize he was working along the fence that runs under her bedroom window. Tell us one of your most embarrassing moments.
i was climbing out of those two-door cars from the backseat when my foot got caught in the front chair’s seatbelt. i ended up on the ground, on my back, with my left foot up, still tangled in the seatbelt. i was wearing a short skirt, so you can imagine the display that was to the people who were standing around on the sidewalk.

7) Rumor has it Beyonce is pregnant again. Coincidentally, Sam needs to check the Babys R Us registry for a shower present. Who will receive the next gift you give?
i am going to a colleague’s son’s first birthday party in a few hours.

8) But Sam doesn’t actually want to go to the shower and is trying to come up a good excuse. Tell us a time you fibbed you told to get out of doing something.
i don’t know if it’s so much a fib, but i purposely scheduled my son’s annual checkup on a day that i knew that some others from work were going to a workshop, just so i’d have an excuse not to go. i went on another day, instead. even if it meant i had to attend alone, that was a better alternative to me than attending with them because they are very rude and embarrass me with their lack of manners. the day they chose was actually very good and very convenient for me, but i just couldn’t stand being with them so i told them i had something to do that day so will be choosing another day–then i went and called and scheduled my son’s appointment for that same day. 😛

9) When did you last go inside the bank and talk to a teller?
i’ll have to in a little while, to withdraw money for the above birthday boy. 🙂



  1. Happy Birthday to the boy! Yes, falling tends to be quite embarrassing. And then it hurts a lot the next day!

    • thanks! and yeah, there’s not only the hurt of your ego when you’re falling but also the physical hurt, as well! although sometimes the embarrassment (especially at the time) hurts way more than the physical one!

  2. Yikes- that car story sounds like a nightmare.

    • i was mortified!! flat on my back with one leg up in the air, tangled in the seatbelt! and on a day i wore a skirt instead of shorts! ack!!!

  3. I fell a couple of weeks ago and I’m still limping from it. I pulled a muscle in my hip.

    • ugh! hope you’re feeling better!

  4. well I am sure none of us are currently wearing Beyoncé s clothes lol

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