Posted by: malia | August 31, 2014

sunday stealing: blogging meme

Blogging Meme

What kind of blog do you have?
i have several. this one is for memes. i have one that’s a journal. i have one that’s a dream journal of sorts. i have one that is all letters. i have a photo journal. i have one for my classroom. i think that’s it.

How many posts do you have?
this one is my 926th post.

How many blogs do you follow?
well ever since safari took out its feed reader, it’s been a lot less. it used to be so easy for me to check on my favorite blogs but now i can’t. i tried two plugins but they didn’t seem to do the job as well as the safari reader did. i’m still hunting for one! but it was nearly 20 or so blogs that was on my list.

How many followers do you have?
i don’t have any.

How often do you change your theme?
this is the same theme i started with 8 years ago. 😮

How often do you change your icon?
it’s just a regular wordpress icon. i don’t think i can change it.

Do you have any favorite blogs?
yes, but i’ve lost touch with them because of the feedreader situation.

Do you ever send anonymous messages to other people?
once in a while.

Do you ever get anon hate?
not yet. i get a lot of false praise–spammers praising things i write because they want me to approve it and they can get their links 😡

Have you made any friends through your blog?
a few.

What’s your favorite thing about blogging?
i just love writing 🙂

What’s your least favorite thing about blogging?
thinking of stuff to write. that’s why this one tends to be written in more, because i have prompts to help me 🙂


  1. Have you tried Feedly as a blog reader? When Google ended its reader, someone recommended it to me and I like it a lot.

    • i think i have, but i don’t know that i have it done right–it doesn’t seem to automatically update as safari’s one did. i think i have to play around with it some more.

      • I have been using it for so long, I don’t remember how I set it up, but it does update, and is easier than Google reader had been.

  2. Wow you have been blogging for a long time. That is impressive.

    • thanks. on my original journal one, i’ve actually hit 10 years! but since i rarely post nowadays, my post count is quite low for having had blogs for a while.

  3. I agree with you….it’s a real pain to try and keep up with blog feeds these days.

    • yeah. i don’t know why safari took theirs out.

  4. I’d love to see your school blog. 😉

    • ugh it’s my goal to try and keep that one updated more timely. i’m so bad at it! i need to just set time out of the day for me to actually sit down and write about what we did. there’s just so many other things to do, i feel!

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