Posted by: malia | August 24, 2014

sunday stealing: fictional favorites

Favorite Fictional ?

1. Favorite fictional couple?
luke & lorelai

2. Favorite fictional character?
gosh, there’s a bunch! i can’t pick one.

3. Favorite fictional TV show?
since i’m rewatching it right now, i’m going to go with frasier. only the first half, though.

4. Favorite fictional movie?
i don’t know. grease?

5. Favorite fictional villain?
hmm. i can’t think of any.

6. Favorite fictional hero?
i’m going literal and choosing superman. christopher reeve’s version 🙂

7. Favorite fictional pet?
i know they’re not pets but i would love a lapras.

8. Favorite fictional setting/universe?
stars hallow? heehee

9. Least favorite fictional couple?
oh gosh there are SO many. they’re the reasons i stop watching shows and stuff, when the two people i don’t want together get together!

10. Least favorite fictional character?
i couldn’t choose a favorite; i don’t know that i could choose a least favorite!

11. Least favorite fictional TV show?
probably the zillion i don’t watch?

12. Least favorite fictional movie?
i guess ditto from above. i can’t think of any i just really hated.

13. Least favorite fictional villain?
i don’t know.

14. Least favorite fictional hero?
i guess any of the other superheroes. i’ve never watched any of them. i’ve only seen superman.

15. Least favorite fictional pet?
um. mogwai? they’re cute but too much destruction.

16. Least favorite fictional setting/universe?
i guess any kind of apocalypse type of setting. or war or stuff like that.


  1. Grease is a great movie, one of my favorites!

    • i watched it every. single. day. when i was a youngster. sometimes even more than once a day.

  2. I had a bunch of I don’t know’s too.

    • yeah, this was hard. i guess i don’t dwell on the fiction side too often.

  3. Christopher Reeve is the perfect Superman!

    • oh, he totally is! *dreamy*

  4. Agree on Christopher Reeve, disagree on Grease.

    • he just made superman for me, i think! i can’t get into the new one.

  5. I love Grease, and as far as I’m concerned, Reeves is the only Superman!

    • definitely! 🙂

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