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saturday 9: i got you babe

Saturday 9: I Got You, Babe
(recommended by Thank You Great Spirit)

1) Popular music has produced almost countless groups, but not that many duos. Besides Sonny & Cher, can you name another?
simon & garfunkel…hall & oates…loggins & messina…the righteous brothers and the everly brothers? umm…wham!…eurythmics…roxette, i think? pet shop boys. tears for fears. dj jazzy jeff and the fresh prince 😛 heeheehee

2) Hearing this recording from his clock radio is how Bill Murray woke up every morning in Groundhog Day. What woke you up this morning?
the need to go to the bathroom.

3) When she was growing up, Cher practiced her autograph for when she became a star. Is your signature legible? Or is it more of a scrawl?
when i have to sign things to be sent home from school i make sure it’s legible. when i sign things for legal stuff it’s more of a scrawl. this way no one who gets my signature on a letter or a report card can forge my signature on legal stuff because they’d have practiced the wrong one 😛

4) In addition to show biz, Sonny & Cher had many careers: Sonny was a restauranteur and politician, Cher is an interior designer. Would you like to try your hand at any of those professions?
i would’ve thought a restauranteur would be fun but i’ve seen too many kitchen nightmares to want to try that now. i would never want to be a politician. i’m not great with design–i never know which colors match or look good together.

5) In 1965, when this song topped the charts, Sonny and Cher were as famous for their wardrobe as for their music. Sonny was fond of tall, heavy-heeled boots while Cher often paired granny dresses with bare feet. What’s on your feet right now?
nothing 🙂 i’m very used to walking around barefoot. i used to always do that at work, too, when i was younger.

6) By 1968, their career crashed. Cher’s early attempts as a movie actress failed, their records stopped selling and the IRS came after them for back taxes. Have you ever been audited?
not yet!

7) In 1971 they were on top again with their TV show. But their marriage was coming apart. Sonny said, “For the last 5 years I worried about our career, not about us.” Have you ever been guilty of putting career before relationship?
only with the relationship with my son, i think. i am always buying things for the kids and classroom but he really doesn’t get any of that. there were certain things that i couldn’t make it to for his events because i had to go to work or couldn’t find a substitute. it’s a hard balance but luckily he is very understanding. well, i guess he has no choice but to accept it. 😦 sigh. bad mama 😦

8) By 1972 they were living separate lives — in the same house. For the sake of The Sonny and Cher Comedy Hour, they pretended to be happily married another year and a half. Tell us about a time when you pretended to be happy, but weren’t.
i think that is an act i put on every day for work. i try to be happy at work even though it makes me miserable. 😦 to quote a duo i listed above: “parents just don’t understand.” they are what really make my job so tough. 😦 and in addition to that, i have to deal with coworkers who are just so loud and rude. just yesterday at a meeting where we getting some pretty heavy stuff, the facilitators decided we needed a “bonding activity” to give us a break and gave us a series of games where members of your group had to be sent up to complete, and you were ranked by the order you completed them. my group was so darn competitive that i hated it–i wanted to go and hide they were so embarrassing. but i had to pretend to be happy and “enjoying” our bonding time. it was especially hard to pretend to be happy when we came in first (thanks to the two events that they sent me up to do! sorry, i do know my trivia, so that was no contest, but who knew i could stack cups fast? i discovered a new talent!). anyway i had to pretend to be happy about that (especially with winning the tie-breaker, which was a trivia contest) when really i was cringing inside because of the obnoxious way my group was handling our win. they were so loud and taunting others and just really, really embarrassing. i began to wish i lost that stupid trivia thing. ugh. but i had to look happy and like we were all one big happy group when inside i know the truth. 😦 although i admit, that is nothing compared to the tongue lashings i get from parents. *sigh* i still have to put on a happy face every time i see them (since i’m stuck with them for a year) even though inside i feel like crying or running away and hide.

okay, my time on the couch has expired. 😛 sorry. i guess i do need therapy. really, i just need a new career, i think. i think then i would be happy. 🙂

9) While their separation and divorce were bitter, they resumed their friendship when Cher showed up at the opening of his restaurant in 1976. Have you ever made the first move in repairing a relationship?
i have to say no. i hold grudges pretty bad. 😦


  1. Sometimes, you have to grin and smile to move on with stuff.

    • yeah. that’s most of my life, i think! 😛

  2. I would hate having to participate in “bonding” like that with coworkers! I feel so sorry for you.

    • it gets really bad sometimes. like i fear for the safety of us! people are so competitive, and i don’t get how it helps us to bond! let’s just go to a coffee house and sip some drinks and shoot the breeze! that’s better for bonding than pushing people out of the way so you can be first!

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