Posted by: malia | August 17, 2014

sunday stealing: would you?

Would You?

Would you ever cheat on someone if they cheated on you?
no. the cheater would just be out of my life.

Would you ever consider becoming a teacher?
sigh. it’s something i regret from time to time.

Would you ever give a hitch-hiker a ride somewhere?
not any more. that’s something my ex used to get kind of upset at me about, not stopping to pick them up, but i had my reasons. he said you never know when you’d be in that position one day. i said you never know when you’d experience what i did.

Would you ever try fasting for a whole week?
no. i get very weak without food for a day. plus it messes up my whole heart thing.

Would you ever try to quit one of your addictions?
i guess the only addiction i can think of right now is the internet, and i don’t think i could give that up. 😦

Would you ever dye your hair purple?
sure. that would be fun.

Would you ever spend $100 for the best tasting hamburger in the world?
gosh. no, i don’t think so. i can’t see spending $100 on that. but if someone else paid it for me then yes 🙂

Would you rather chew gum off the ground or kill a squirrel?
i’m not a gum chewer but i don’t think i could kill anything. i’d chew gum if it was on the floor still in its wrapper. 🙂

Would you rather play Monopoly or Operation?
gosh i haven’t played operation in a loooooong time. i like playing monopoly on my phone by myself. 🙂 if with other people, i guess operation.

Would you rather eat chocolate or fruity candies?
chocolate. i don’t like fruity things.

Would you rather listen to one CD forever or become deaf?
one cd forever. i kinda do, when i put my 1d on repeat the whole drive home 🙂

Would you rather be deaf or blind?
i think deaf, even after that last question. there’s so much to see out there.

Would you rather text or talk on the phone?
text. i don’t like talking on the phone.

Would you rather spend a day with Lady Gaga or Miley Cyrus?
i don’t think either would want to spend the day with me.

Would you rather learn to play piano or guitar?
i love both and can play a few things on both instruments but i think i would like to be really good on the piano.

Would you rather have a stomach-ache or headache?
well both make you miserable. i guess the headache because i used to get daily headaches and i’d just sleep them off. i can’t sleep if i have a stomachache.

Would you rather be overly interesting or overly dull?
i already am overly dull. 🙂 it might be nice to be a bit more interesting because i feel sorry for the people i’m with.

Would you rather be too loud or too quiet?
i already am quiet. 🙂 but i don’t ever want to be loud. it’s annoying.



  1. You can play monopoly on the phone, solo? I’ll have to look into that! wow

    • i think i prefer playing monopoly vs the computer than people! 😛

  2. Of all the Sunday Stealings you’ve done, I’ve never thought you were dull!

    • aww, thanks! 🙂 i’m horrible in person, though. ugh!

  3. I didn’t know there was a Monopoly game app and I’m trying to figure out how you play the game yourself. Might have to look into that one. 🙂

    • well, i guess it’s more that you play vs the computer rather than just yourself. i always make the computer’s level “easy” though so i can win 🙂 haha

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