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saturday 9: mine would be you

Saturday 9: Mine Would Be You
(recommended by Kathy W)

1) The lyrics mention his respect for “90 proof and Marlboro Red.” What was your most recent drink? When was your last cigarette?
i really only drink water, and that was a few minutes ago. anything with “proof” would have been some champagne i had at a wedding almost 10 years ago, i think. i’ve never smoked a cigarette.

2) They also reference “singing like crazy fools.” What’s the last song you sang?
it’s a song my kids have been singing for the past couple of weeks and i only know the one line they sing but it’s been floating around in my head since i woke up. the last full song i sang was “sweet child o’ mine” which was on the radio while i was waiting to pick up my son from school. i, of course, had to stop my singing and axl-swaying when he came into the car before i got the scoldings of being embarrassing that pre-teens like to give. ah, the life of a mother of a new middle schooler.

3) Blake Shelton won a Grammy for his performance of this song. Crazy Sam won the award for “most improved bowler” when she was in third grade, and it’s now in a closet somewhere. Do you have any trophies? If so, where are they?
i have a small “trophy,” if you could call it that, for the number of years i had been dancing for the group i belonged to. all the other trophies won are at the studio for that group. i have won certificates and awards for writing but i guess they’re not really trophies. the only real trophy type thingie in the house belongs to my son for his only attempts at organized sports when he was little and everyone won trophies, so it’s not like it was anything special. he never took an interest in any of those sports, which breaks my heart a little, because i always imagined going to little league baseball games, something i had always done since i was little, attending my cousins’ games. ah well. he unfortunately took after me in the sports department.

4) Blake is currently on tour. The merchandise sold at concerts brings in big money for the artist. Do you have any tour memorabilia (like a poster or t-shirt)?
every concert i’ve went to, i’ve bought a t-shirt from. oh, unless i was actually a part of the concert, then i didn’t. but i think i still have those shirts somewhere. it’s been a while since i’ve gone to a concert.

5) In addition to The Voice, Shelton is on TV a lot with his Pizza Hut commercials. What chain restaurant is nearest your home? Do you eat there?
hmm. i think the nearest is mcdonalds. there are tons of chain restaurants, though, nearby, including pizza hut. we eat at those often (not so much mcdonalds, though) because often i’m just too tired to cook.

6) Shelton has a million-seller CD called Cheers! It’s Christmas! What’s the first Christmas carol to pop into your head this hot summer Saturday?
ugh. don’t like christmas carols. *scrooge* let’s see. all right, letting my mind wander leads me to “sleigh ride.” “just hear those sleigh bells jingling, ring ting tingling too / outside it’s lovely weather for a sleigh ride together with you…”

7) Shelton and Miranda Lambert were married in front of 550 guests. Do you enjoy weddings?
not really. 😦 in addition to scrooge-like, i am bitter and resentful. 😀 no, they’re okay. i do get teary-eyed, though. although i get teary-eyed for many, many things. i’m just not into parties that much and especially when they do the whole love thing that reminds you of the near-misses you’ve had, i don’t know. it’s not that enjoyable. i just go to see the happiness of the couple, and even though cynical thoughts sometimes seep into my mind, i just like to see the couple happy. the rest of it–especially the bouquet-catching *shudder* ugh.

8) The wedding took place on a big Texas ranch. Have you spent much time on a farm or a ranch?
not really. it was like only a few hours on an excursion, really.

9) In 2013 he helped organize a relief benefit concert for victims of the Oklahoma tornados. Tell us about a charity you support.
i have for years and years donated to both breast cancer (and cancer in general) charities and the american heart association. and the one year i didn’t (last year) came back to haunt me when i was faced with both recently. i know they’re not tied together but it was a glaring coincidence. i just hope they soon find cures because i’m losing too many people to those diseases. 😦



  1. I didn’t even think about my writing awards. Good grief.

    • that’s really the only things i have. i’m not the athletic person! haha

  2. Christmas carols kind of get on my last nerve to be honest 🙂

    • oh gosh they do. i feel like a scrooge for saying so, but, ugh, they do.

  3. I love how you stop singing as to not embarrass your kid. Great story! And I agree, cancer and heart disease seem to take a greater toll with each passing year.

    • haha sometimes i forget like when we’re in a store and a song comes on and i’ll start singing along and he always nudges and tells me to stop singing. 😛

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