Posted by: malia | August 10, 2014

saturday 9: super duper love

Saturday 9: Super Duper Love
(recommended by Bankerchick)

1) The lyrics say, “I’m as proud as a girl can be.” Tell us about something you’re proud of.
i’m proud that my son, for the most part, does well in school.

2) This song is from her first CD, The Soul Sessions. She’s told interviewers that the first CD she ever owned was by Aretha Franklin: Greatest Hits. So while we’re talking firsts, do you remember your first CD (or tape or record)?
yes. my first album i ever bought was joan jett and the blackhearts I Love Rock ‘n’ Roll. the first cd i ever bought, i think, was bon jovi’s New Jersey, which i already had the album for.

3) Last year, two men were convicted of plotting to kill Joss Stone. Even though she had (fortunately!) never even met the men, she still had to testify during their trial. Have you ever had to speak to a judge?
scary! why does she have to testify? ugh. and yes, i have, when i was a young girl.

4) Joss is frequently in the British press because of her friendship with Princes William and Harry. Who among your friends leads the most exciting life?
hmm. i guess if i looked among my Facebook friends, it would be my old high school buddy–she’s a prosecuting attorney, she eats at all the finest restaurants, and is always posting pictures of her meals, she travels everywhere, and she seems very involved with her two boys. i don’t know how she does it all!

5) Because of dyslexia, Joss had trouble in school and dropped out when she was 16. What’s the last grade you completed?
i have my master’s degree.

6) She provided the voice of the villainness for the James Bond video game, Blood Stone. Do you have a Playstation or Xbox?
no, i don’t.

7) Sam is especially crazy this morning because she can’t find her phone. What’s the last thing you misplaced?
i misplace my phone quite often, too. i think the last thing i misplaced was my keys.

8) After composing this Saturday 9, Sam is off to Lowe’s to pick up some heavy duty indoor/outdoor trash bags. Will you be in any stores this weekend?
i was in the drugstore yesterday to pick up new medications 😦 i will have to go back today because i forgot to get a sympathy card for a co-worker who lost her son. the funeral is this afternoon, so we will be stopping by before then.

9) Do you consider yourself more book smart, or street smart?
i don’t know if i’m book smart, but i’m definitely not street smart, so book smart wins by default.


  1. Now I have Joan Jett in my head! 🙂 Sorry to hear about your friend’s son. And your Facebook friend does have a very impressive life, indeed!

    • yes, she does! i just live vicariously through all her posts and pictures!

  2. Funerals for the children of friends are hard, hard indeed. Sorry to hear that she lost her son.
    Congrats on your Masters. DH wants me to go back and finish by degree, but he only has like three credits to finish his! It’s nuts. I’m too old for it.

    • Wow! just 3 credits?? I wouldn’t be able to just stop, knowing I was 3 away :S

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