Posted by: malia | July 20, 2014

sunday stealing: summer meme

summer meme

*sigh* only one more week of summer. wah!

Favorite summer flower: hmm. i don’t know of a flower that only is in the summer. well, i know gardenias bloom a lot in april & may. my grandma used to have gardenia bushes along one whole side of her house, and i remember the air just smelling so sweet with its scent when it was blooming. she would always let me choose which one i wanted, and she’d clip it for me and i’d just inhale its aroma all day long. she’d cut all the other blooming flowers and give it out to us, so my mom would keep them in a small bowl around the house, so it’d smell as beautiful as my grandma’s house did. that’s why every time i smell gardenias i instantly think of my grandma. *sniff* it has been a year and a half but i still cry thinking of her. anyway, that was a maybe pre-summer flower? i just remember always in may getting tons of gardenias from grandma. it would start waning off in june i think, so it’s a bit early to call it a “summer” flower?

Flavor of ice cream: i love mint chocolate chip or mint chocolate cookie or anything like that. i also like cookie dough. and most times, just plain vanilla bean is what i want. yum.

Mode of transportation: hmm. i guess car? i know the other day we had a team meeting at a colleague’s house. she doesn’t live very far from me, only about a nice 15-minute walk or so. however, i stepped out of the house, felt the heat and humidity, and decided…nah. i’ll take my air-conditioned car instead. 😛

Music: any music, really. well, okay, not any music. i’m very, very glad that there’s no christmas music playing right now.

Food: hmm. i love mangos but that’s also a pre-summer fruit, i think. usually around mayish? i think the other thing i like during the summer is any kind of barbecue. although we usually have barbecue something at all of our get-togethers, all throughout the year, there seems to be more during the summer. oh, and of course, ice cream.

Favorite game to play: another hard one, because we play games all year ’round. i can’t think of one specific to summer. my favorite game to watch during the summer is baseball, though. although that too starts in april, just before summer.

Earliest childhood summer memory: i just remember going to summer fun every summer. only i didn’t think it was so fun. my first year of summer fun, i was 5, i think…i remember crying every day because i hated going to it. yes, i was one of those kids with separation issues and overactive imaginations (although i never cried going to regular school–i loved that! it was just summer fun. and certain performances.). i remember seeing my mom linger in the background, probably seeing if i was okay, and i just would sit there and cry. i was miserable. by the second year, i was better, and by our last year there, my friend and i pretty much got our own way with the leaders. 🙂 but, yeah, i remember that first year, with all the crying. eesh.

Favorite Drink: i like ice-cold water. 🙂

Favorite Snack: i think i tend to snack more during the summer because i’m just home relaxing. 😛 i’ve been partial lately to grapes and apples, even though that’s not the season for summer. and mango, but that was already discussed.

Place to read: there’s this huge shady tree at the park several blocks away that i used to like to read under–during the summer (which is the only time i would have time to do this, being on break) i would put my son, as a baby, in the stroller, and i’d walk to that park. we’d sit under that tree and read. as he got older, he would play on the little playground equipment while i read. but i don’t go there any more, because homeless people all live on the benches around there and it reeks of urine. now, i just prefer the quietness (and air-condition!) of the library with its nice, comfy sofa chairs, or just snuggled in bed. although i do that all year ’round, too.

Most annoying: i guess i’d say mosquitoes, but that too is year-round. hmm. i guess it would be all the crowds you’d see. i never used to be this cranky about people, but it’s just that in the last few years, i’ve seen so many rude, entitled behaviors that make me detest crowded places. i get kinda worried about how self-centered our society has become. it’s only me-me-me (and my kids) and who cares about everyone else. it’s sad. and annoying. i tend to avoid attractions during the summer.

How I handle the heat: my trusty old fan. 🙂 i do have air-conditioning in my home, but it’s for my heavily-furred pets who really struggle in the heat. when i put the a/c on, i have to go under my blankets! so just a regular old fan will work for me. i do seem to handle the heat better than most people i work with, though. i can work in my room and feel comfortable while my neighbors are all sweating in their rooms–and they’re all wearing tank tops and shorts! i grew up in a hot place with no air-conditioning, so i think that’s why i’m better acclimated to the heat. i get cold *really* fast when most people are loving the chill, so i guess i just handle heat better than most. i can’t handle cold!

Pet Peeve: that would be the crowds i mentioned above. and the overall rudeness people exhibit in those crowds. what are they teaching their children? geez!

All-time favorite bathing suit: i had this hot-pink tankini i guess you’d call it–that name didn’t exist back then, i don’t think. and it didn’t have straps. and the midriff was exposed. it was just a longer and covered more area than a normal bikini top, and it had a thick black zipper up the front. i had a matching black bikini bottom, that was on your waist (not the low ones people wear now) but high cut on the thighs. i loved it because you could tan without the tan lines of the straps. i sometimes wore the top part under low-cut shirts. it was like a nice bandeau (oh! that’s the word!), with a zipper in the front…only in hot-pink! heehee! i could never wear something like that now, though. now i have nice, simple, black tankini with skirted bottom. i feel like an old lady in it, but i guess that’s what i am. i need to have most of me covered otherwise others would turn away in disgust. not that they don’t do that already but i won’t scare away small children at least.

Best Time of Day: right now, i like the early morning. i have to wake up early every morning any way to drop my son off at the bus stop for his summer school, but when i come back home after that, everything’s still nice and quiet, and the air is still a bit cool, and it’s just so nice and peaceful. the other time i like is late afternoon, again, because it’s cooler. it’s noisier, though. 😦

Most romantic: i met my first boyfriend at summer school during college. he was a very romantic person. and the boyfriend whom i loved the most, our relationship was really strong during the summer, as we were both off from school (college again) and spent more time together. he’d write me these lovely, long letters whenever we were apart, and i just loved loved loved reading them. he’d leave them in places i wouldn’t expect it, so it was always a great surprise to see a letter from him, and i’d open it up and just read, read, read, and sigh. he was so lovely. i found those letters to be very romantic, and it just made me feel more in love with him.

Summer movie: i don’t know that i have one? i’m trying to think which movie is set in the summer. i just can’t think of any right now.



  1. I remember as a little boy reading under the shade tree at my grandparents house… and nothing beats a ice glass of water!

    • i agree! it’s so refreshing!

  2. We are sort of the same about the weather, only we do have a little bit of cold weather during winter, which can become like an oven overnight so not sure what that pattern is. Really, 97° F in January one year?

    • wow! that’s strange how it gets hot at night? 97 degrees! yikes!

  3. Oh, Lia. I am sure no one turns from you in disgust! You seem to me to be a perfectly lovely and gentle lady. Beauty on the inside is the beauty that lasts. 🙂

    • aw, thanks, Stacy! That was nice of you to say. A lot of society does judge by one’s outwardly appearance, though, sadly. But thanks for saying that 🙂

  4. I hate hot weather–mid-80s and above is too much for me.

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