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saturday 9: ring of fire

Saturday 9: Ring of Fire
(because country music was recommended by Colletta’s Kitchen’s Sink)

1) Recorded by Johnny Cash, “Ring of Fire” was written by his wife, June Carter. Johnny’s daughter Roseanne says it’s about “the transformative power of their love.” What’s your favorite love song?
hmm. i don’t know. i’d have to think about that one.

2) Though more than 50 years old, this song is still popular today. Country Music Television named it one of the best and most requested of all time. Are you a country music fan?
no, not really.

3) This recording features mariachi horns, inspired by Mexican folk music. Have you ever been to Mexico?
i’ve been to tijuana. is this considered mexico? it was only for an hour or so when i was 10 years old and we were visiting family in california.

4) Cash’s birth certificate said, “J. R. Cash,” and “J.R.” is what his parents always called him. When he enlisted in the Air Force, Uncle Sam refused to let him simply go by initials, so he chose the name “John.” If you could choose a different name for yourself, what would it be?
that’s cool his name is only initials. my dad had said if they had had a son, the middle name would just be a letter. hahaha. when i’m out, i always say my name is “anne.” otherwise my name is often mispronounced. so i like the nice, simple anne.

5) Cash and his first wife, Vivian, had their first date at a roller skating rink. Tell us about one of your first dates.
we went to the museum. i got to show off my expertise in that area. 🙂 it was a nice, all day type thing. i remember sitting in the back, watching one of the shows, trying to explain things that were going on. we got scolded for talking. 😦

6) Cash died in September, 2003, four months after he lost his second wife, and love of his life, June. The cause of death given was complications from diabetes, but his children believe he died of a broken heart. Do you think that’s possible?
yes, i think so. that has happened to many of my relatives–the wife dies, and 2-3 months later, the husband goes. i know personally that grief takes a toll on your body, so i don’t doubt that it could happen.

7) Cash was known as “The Man in Black.” What color do you wear most often?
i actually do have a lot of black clothes, but i tend to like blues more. i just happen to own more black, so that’s what i’m seen most often in.

8) There’s a Johnny Cash Museum in Nashville. What’s the last museum you visited?
gosh, i had really wanted to go to the martin luther king jr museum in atlanta when i was there but we just didn’t have the time to fit it in. if only it were open later than 5! i had heard it was a really good tour, and i’m sad to have missed it, as well as all the learning i could have done there! darn! otherwise, the last one i went to was the one i had that first date at up above. 🙂

9) A stretch of Tennessee Highway 31E is known as “Johnny Cash Parkway.” What street in your town is named for a famous person?
the highway i take to go to work is named after a former governor. oh and that’s another thing i noticed about atlanta, that a lot of the street names were named after people–mlkjr drive (okay, that i can understand), andrew young blvd, ivan allen jr blvd, and a mouthful–robert david abernathy blvd, and even a ponce de leon street. i remember that robert david abernathy boulevard sign was so long it took up the entire length of the street light it was hanging from. i was kinda imagining how it would look on stationery. 🙂


  1. I had a Vietnamese friend in high school named Ngoc. She has since started using the name Sasha. Probably a name she liked and thought it was easier. That’s interesting about the Atlanta street names. I wonder what the longest street name is?

    • Hey, I had a friend in elementary whose name was Ngoc, too, but she went by Diana, all the way up through high school. When she went to college, though, it ignited a pride in her heritage, so she went back to Ngoc. I also remember another classmate in elementary whose name was Dung (pronounced Dyoo-ng) but the teacher told her to choose another name because in America we pronounce it “dung” and then told us what that meant. Poor girl was in tears after that.

      I know, I thought we had some pretty long street names, until I saw that one! I wonder if it gets much longer than that?

  2. One hour is the maximum time to spend in TJ, most people would run in horror within that first hour. Awful place.

    • This was back in the ’80 or so when we went but, yes, I remember being frightened by all the beggars that came up to us. Even little kids coming up, asking for money! I was pretty shaken by the experience.

  3. I like how your mind wandered ahead to your personalized stationery. 🙂

    • heh. my mind is weird!

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