Posted by: malia | June 26, 2014

5 song shuffle

Shuffle – Put the songs that come up
1:: “One Thing”
2:: “E Ku’u Sweetie”
3:: “Private Affair”
4:: “Unbelievable”
5:: “Hey Soul Sister”

Song One
Title:: “One Thing”
Artist:: One Direction
[1] What’s your favorite lyric?: “get out, get out, get out of my mind, and, come on, come in to my life.”
[2] Is it on Guitar Hero?: i don’t think so.
[3] Rename it?: “get out” hahaha
[4] Have you seen the band live?: no.
[5] Is it catchy?: yes.

Song Two
“E Ku’u Sweetie”
Artist:: Pandanus Club
[1] Is it fast or slow?: mellow.
[2] Do your parents like it?: i’m not sure? maybe?
[3] Was it in any movies?: i don’t think so.
[4] Is the guitar riff good?: i guess?
[5] Is the band one of your favorites?: back in the day, i guess?

Song Three
“Private Affair”
Artist:: The Party
[1] Best aspect of it?: i love the bridge.
[2] Recite the chorus?: “dim the light / tonight is going to be so right / perfect night for a private affair”
[3] How old is it?: errr…over 20 years old, i think. this was in the early ’90s.
[4] What’s it about?: um. i think the title says it all. and not a private affair like a private catered party or something.
[5] How old were you when you first heard it?:
i think i was about 20 or so.

Song Four
Artist:: EMF
[1] Do your parents like the band?: probably not.
[2] How long is it?: 3:30
[3] Popular or underground?: popular.
[4] What year did it come out in?: 1990.

Song Five
“Hey, Soul Sister”
Artist:: The Warblers
[1] Do any of your friends like it?: i think so?
[2] Is it repetitive?: parts of it.
[3] How did you discover it?: from glee.
[4] Is it by your favorite band?: i do like the warblers, though they’re not my favorite. i like them better than just the plain glee cast.
[5] Is it in the Top 40 right now?: no.


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