Posted by: malia | June 20, 2014

friday five

from here.

1. What was the last book that took your breath away?
gosh i’m not sure. i just finished reading flipped. i thought the last part was kinda forced, and although the ending was open, i didn’t like the direction it was going in. but the concept was pretty cool. i ended up really not liking one of the main characters in the beginning but by the end i had flipped, i guess you could say, and did not like the other main character, while siding with the first. i wouldn’t call it breathtaking, but it was different.

2. How many hours do you spend in a car during an average week?
2? when there’s work, a little more, as i spend time in the car waiting for the buildings to open.

3. What is your favorite mind game to improve your memory?
i used to play those brain games quite often, but i don’t really do that any more. i used to like the kinds with numbers, and tend to do okay with the growing pattern kinds (like simon).

4. How often do you talk to friends on the phone?
i rarely do.

5. If you could have minions (like the yellow guy in my icon), would you?
yes, if they would clean. 🙂



  1. Flipped was turned into a movie, directed by Rob Reiner (the guy who directed _Stand by Me_). It’s a really interesting movie, too, as you might imagine. You should check it out.

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