Posted by: malia | June 13, 2014

the friday five: cars


When you were a kid, what car(s) did your parents have?
i don’t know the brand name. it was a long maroonish car, typical of the 70s, i guess. my dad sold it to a neighbor in our building and we got a used white sedan. then we moved and i think i was just about starting intermediate school when we got a brand new silver-blue mazda 626. it was the first time we had a new car. we were all terrified to ride in it because my dad wanted to keep it in pristine condition. i swear, we had that “new car smell” for at least 5 years. we were not allowed to eat or drink or do anything in the car but sit. i got a really bad beating once when the string of my sweater’s hoodie got accidentally stuck in the seatbelt compartment–as it was retracting, it took my string with it and it got stuck. i got it bad for that one. i couldn’t walk for a while afterward. my sister also developed a complex that she had to bring a plastic bread bag with her every time we went in the car because she was so afraid she’d throw up in the car and ruin it. that’s how bad our fear was to ride in the thing. after that car, we got a toyota mini-van, as we were growing up and it was hard to squish 3 preteens in the back of the car. my dad still kept the mazda, though, because he took that to work–it fit better in his stall than the big mini-van. i also learned to drive on the mazda. i know. but it wasn’t that harrowing because by then the car was about 10 years old. then he traded it in for a white toyota camry which i wasn’t allowed to touch, so i had to finish my driving lessons on the mini-van. that’s what i took my driving license test on. 🙂 then soon after that they traded in that for a nice mazda mini-van. it was a nice-colored blue. and soon after that is when my dad left, so he took his camry with him, and i, being the only other driver in the house (my dad knew this and wanted to make sure i had my license before he left so at least someone would be able to drive us places), had that mini-van until a few years later, when i got my own car, a sapphire blue nissan sentra.

When you were old enough to drive, did you inherit any of your parents’ old cars, share your parents’ car(s), get a secondhand one by yourself, other?
oh, i guess i kinda answered this above. i became the driver in the family after my dad left so i guess i “inherited” the mazda van. i guess it was shared, because when my dad would come with us to family events (weddings, parties, etc.), he’d drive the van. my last year in college, i got the sentra, brand-new. my dad came with me to help me buy it but i used all my own money for it.

Have you ever been in an accident in a private vehicle when driving? When a passenger?
not when driving, but i was in one when i was a passenger. there were four of us who all went to hula together, and before, our dads used to take turn driving us out there. but then one of us got her license (she was a year older than us) so she would drive us every week. well one day on our way there, we were driving past a baseball field and she turned her head to look at something the passenger in the front seat pointed out, when the guy in front of us stopped suddenly, and crash! she rear-ended him. his car didn’t look that bad but the whole front end of her car was smashed in. when we pulled over into the adjacent parking lot, he was kinda “towing” her because her bumper was stuck to his. the guy wasn’t too upset–he was joking with us and everything (“oh i guess my brake lights weren’t working”–which the policeman overheard and tried to get a statement from us about that but he had to tell him, “no, i was just joking.”). but my friend was really upset. we called our hula teacher and said we couldn’t come in because we had been in an accident (we were only about 10 minutes from the studio, but about 30 minutes away from home), and then she drove us home in her smashed in car, upset the whole way. we felt really bad and tried to comfort her but what could you say? anyway, hopefully, that will be the only accident i’m ever involved in.

What’s your least-favourite driving manouvre? (eg reverse-parking)
i’m not good at judging space, seeing if the space is big enough for my car to go through. i hate inching up to try and see if i can fit. i know that’s not a driving maneuver, but that’s probably my least favorite thing.

If you could change or make one road rule, what would it be? What penalty would you impose for non-compliance?
i always imagined that the solid line would have tacks that would come up so any inconsiderate fools who try to whiz ahead of everyone else and cut in front of the traffic, crossing the solid line, would get their tires punctured. 😛 it’s not a rule, i guess, but i don’t like when people think they are more important than everyone else who’s waiting patiently in traffic, and they whiz by on the shoulder lane and then cut in at the last moment. that just causes more back-up. irritating.

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