Posted by: malia | June 12, 2014

shuffle story

from here.

Let’s create a shuffle story. These are fun 😉

You wake up to a sunny day. The first thing you say is: “you and me”
In the shower, you sing: “every valley should be exalted”
As you’re getting ready for the day ahead, the radio plays the song: “symphony no. 5”
When you get downstairs, you remember it’s your birthday. You say: “yesterdays”
Your brother comes in and yells: “roadrunner”
You reply: “make you feel my love”
You tell your parents you’re going to your friend’s house. On the way, you stop at the shops. You walk in and say: “hit me up”
The shopkeeper replies with: “hark! the herald angels sing”
You start arguing with the shopkeeper. He eventually kicks you out and says: “run it”
You laugh and say: “vertigo”
Halfway down the road, you see a skateboard. You jump on it and say: “pool mashup: just the way you are/just a dream”
You go past the postman who is whistling: “jolly old st. nicholas”
When you get to your friend’s house, she says: “silly love songs”
You go up to her room and she gives you your present, saying: “i know who took the milk and cookies”
You say: “kaulana nā pua”
After a good time with your friend, you go home. When you get home, your dad’s being embarrassing and singing: “you better run”
Your mum surprises you by telling you she’s bought you VIP tickets to see: “kāwika”
You say thank you and run upstairs shouting: “that thing”
Whilst getting changed, you sing: “born this way”
Your sister comes in and throws a CD at you, and says: “lost in emotion”
On the way to the concert you and your mum sings really loud: “just can’t get enough”
Before the concert, you meet the band and say: “keep the faith”
They laugh and reply: “halo”
During the concert, they dedicate the song …….. to you.: “joy to the world”
You laugh and say to the person standing next to you: “summer girls”
On the way back, you and your friend sing: “talking in your sleep”
When you get back, you check your phone for texts. There’s one saying: “gimme that”
You see who it’s from and blush. You look out your window to see this person standing there singing: “here comes santa claus”
You laugh and say: “always on time”
You go to sleep thinking about: “two becomes one”
The next morning you reminisce: “ray of light”


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