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Song One: “Poliahu”
Is the performer a solo artist or band?: an artist, teresa bright.
What genre is it?: hawaiian.
Do any members of the band/the artist have any side projects?: i have no idea.
Name someone the song reminds you of: hula sisters.
What country is the artist from?: u.s.

Song Two: “Pool Mashup: Just the Way You Are/Just a Dream”
What decade did the song come out in?: current decade.
Is it by a well-known or more underground artist?: well-known.
Describe the music video for it (if it has one): there wasn’t a music video, just a scene from a movie. they were in the empty pool practicing singing two songs at one time and realizing how good it sounds.
What percentage of the lyrics would you say you know?: maybe about 90%?
How old were you when you first heard it?: just a couple of years ago.

Song Three: “Rock of Ages”
Have you ever seen the artist live? If not, would you like to?: no, i never have, but i would’ve loved to.
Are any instruments not typical of most popular music used in the song?: hm. i don’t think so. i think it’s just a lot of synthesizer, guitar, and drums. they do something weird with the voice in the beginning, i think.
What’s your favourite song by the artist?: “pour some sugar on me.”
Best-looking member of the band: hmm. maybe joe elliot. although i also liked phil collen because he had short hair, and just didn’t seem to fit in with the rest of the ’80s hair bands.
What’s the song about?: rock ‘n’ roll, baby. “long live rock ‘n’ roll!”

Song Four: “We Belong”
Do you or have you ever related to the song?: yes.
Would you like to hang out with the artist? What would you do?: i don’t know if “hang out” is the right word. i’d be too much in awe of her.
Have you ever been to the artist’s hometown?: no.
What album is the song on?: well, on my iTunes, it’s from the greatest hits album. but i believe it first appeared on tropico.
How does the song end (fade out, abruptly…)? it fades out.

Song Five: “I’m With You”
Has the song ever been in a movie? If not, what film could you see it in?: i’m the wrong person to ask this. it’s never been in a movie, but i wouldn’t know which movie it would be in. any kind of romance movie, i guess. like when there’s a problem and they’re looking around reminiscing or kicking themselves for letting the person go or whatever. 😛
Is the song by one of your favourite artists?: sigh. yes. but i’m kinda boycotting them right now until they get over their feud and reunite.
Has it ever been performed on a reality show (covered on Idol, danced to on So You Think You Can Dance?): hmm. i don’t know, but i really don’t think so.
Would you ever make it your first dance at your wedding?: no.
How many people sing on the track?: two. or well, maybe more, maybe dave sings, too. i’m not entirely sure.

Song Six: “Give You My Heart”
Is the song from the artist’s early days or is it more recent?: well, it was a collaboration for a movie’s soundtrack, so i think it’s the only time they worked together. this song may have been better for answering the previous questions.
What does the cover art for the album it comes from look like?: it has a red stripe on either side, and centered in the middle is eddie murphy, with halle berry to the left and robin givens to the right, and the movie’s name in big letters above them.
When was the last time the artist toured?: i have no idea.
Lyrics for the chorus: “and i will give you my heart, baby / and i will always be true to you / and i will love you forever / if i could just make love to you”
Do your friends like the song or artist?: i have no idea.

Song Seven: “What I Like About You”
Have you ever heard this on the radio?: yes.
Is the singer/any member of the band a celebrity?: yes?
Name a situation the song reminds you of: the way my sisters and i used to dance to this song. we had a routine.
Are you typical of most fans of the artist (age, gender, stereotype, etc.)?: um. i guess i was, at the time.
What instrument is most dominant in the song?: guitar. although in the video, the drums is the most evident because the singer played the drums, so whenever they focused on him singing, you’d just see him banging the drums, although i don’t think you hear it was much as you do the guitar.

Song Eight: “Let’s Hold On to What We Got”
Where did you first hear the song?: probably at home.
Is this a joke song (in general or among your friends)?: no.
Would you ever sing this at karaoke?: um. not that i ever would sing karaoke, but i guess i could. the notes aren’t too high. i’d need a guy to sing with me, though.
Do you think the artist is weird in any way?: no.
How much else of the artist’s music do you know?: a lot, actually. this is one of the lesser-known songs on their album that wasn’t really a big hit (in fact, i think it was their goodbye album). so the fact that i know all the words to this song shows that i do know a lot of their music. 🙂

Song Nine: “I Wish You Peace”
Who would you dedicate the song to?: everyone.
What mood does the song put you in?: it used to be hopeful. but now it makes me very sad, as it reminds me of my grandma. the song played over and over in my head as i left the hospice after saying goodbye to my grandma, who had passed away just an hour earlier.
What sort of venues does the artist usually play?: they used to play small outdoor concerts or clubs. they’re not together any more.
Favourite lyric: “i trust in the way you hold me / i share all your hopes and fears / every night i pray you come home safely / love is the sound that i want you to hear”
How would you describe the artist to someone who’s never heard of them?: pop group made up of 2 girls and 3 guys. i think they could’ve been bigger if the music scene hadn’t turned to grunge at the time that they came out. a few years earlier, or several years later, i think they would’ve hit it big.

Song Ten: “Paint it Black”
Does the song have better lyrics or music?: the lyrics are more interesting i guess, but the music’s not bad.
What place does the song remind you of?: some place dreary.
Did it take a long time for the artist to become popular or were they an overnight success?: i’m not sure. i don’t think it was overnight, but i’m not sure how long it took for them to get popular.
On a scale of 1-10, how much do you like this song?: eh. 3? 4?
Would you ever have sex to this song?: i guess if it happened to be on. i wouldn’t put it on specifically for that occasion, but if it happens to come on then whatever…i wouldn’t stop to turn it off.

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