Posted by: malia | June 10, 2014


from here.

Have you ever drank ale?: no.
Do you know how to use Braille?: i know how it’s used, but i can’t decipher the letters myself. well, i do know a few of them. i had a blind student one year and learned then.
Do you know anyone named Dale?: no.
Do you like the name Gale?: it’s all right. i know so many people named gail/gale. it’s a japanese thing, i think.
Have you ever been to jail?: no.
Have you ever eaten kale?: no.
Are you female or male?: female.
Do you bite your nails?: sometimes.
Is your skin pale?: yes.
Have you ever seen a quail?: no.
When you use stairs, do you usually hold the rail?: yes.
Have you ever eaten a snail?: no.
Do you like walking on nature trails?: yes.
Have you ever worn a veil?: no.
Have you ever seen a whale?: yes.

Have you ever been stung by a bee?: yes, twice. it freaked me out when i got the second one because someone had told me, and gullible me believed, that the third time you got stung by a bee, you’d die. so i was so paranoid that i was going to get the third sting.
Do you know any Tai Chi?: no.
Do you know anyone with the name/nickname Dee?: yes, three people, in fact.
Are the best things in life really free?: most, i think.
Do you like the show “Glee”?: i like the *songs* of glee. it’s all i really watch from that, the song clips on youtube.
Has anyone ever kicked you in the knee?: um. i don’t remember. it’d have been unintentionally, i think.
Do you know anyone named Lee?: no.
Have you taken any other surveys made by me?: who are you?
What movie has the characters ‘The Knights who say “Ni”‘?: monty python? i always read it as “nigh.”
Right now, do you have to pee?: no.
What’s a movie you’d like to see?: i don’t know what’s out there/coming out.
Have you ever planted a tree?: no.

Have you ever made anything with clay?: yes.
Has today been a good day?: it just started, but it’s been kinda worrisome.
Do you like the band The Fray?: i don’t know their music.
Are you wearing anything that’s gray?: yes.
Have you ever fed a horse hay?: no, but i have fed hay to my pets.
Do you like the name Jay?: it’s okay.
Are you more likely to text “Okay”, “OK” or just “K”?: okay.
Is your birthday in May?: no.
Do you ever pray?: yes.
Do you know anyone named Ray?: yes.
Do you know anyone named Trey?: yes. he was very handsome.

Do often pass the blame?: not often.
Have you ever called a woman a “dame”?: no.
Would you rather have fortune or fame?: fortune.
What is your favorite video game?: pokèmon.
Do you remember the actor Corey Haim?: yes.
What is something you think is lame? (This survey, perhaps? haha): i think it’s kinda cute, actually. i think most reality shows are lame.
What’s your name?: i would’ve thought this would be first. 😛
What is an animal you would like to tame?: dolphins.

Have you ever committed a crime?: no.
In your pocket, do you have a dime?: no. i do in my wallet, though.
Do you like the taste of lime?: it’s okay.
Have you ever seen a mime (in real life)?: no.
At what age do you think you’ll be at your prime?: sigh. that’s long gone.
Do you think it’s stupid that I’m making my questions rhyme?: no, i think it’s cute.
When did you last check the time?: a few minutes ago.

Have you ever gone to a bar?: does chili’s count?
Do you have a car?: yes.
Have you traveled very far?: san antonio’s been the farthest i’ve gone so far.
Do you keep spare change in a jar?: no.
Would you like to go to Mars?: i’m fascinated by it, but i don’t think i’d survive the trip there. maybe if they invent teleporting.
Have you ever wished on a shooting star?: no.

Have you ever drank beer?: i was dared to. i don’t like the taste of it.
What is your dream career?: writer or musician or dancer.
Have you ever seen a deer?: not in the wild, only at the zoo.
What is your biggest fear?: death. being alone. they’re related.
Have you ever seen the show “Top Gear”?: no.
Right now, what can you hear?: the fan. very rhythmic thumping. upstairs. :/

What is your age?: old.
Have you ever kept a pet in a cage?: yes, they all are.
Have you ever used a tire gauge?: yes, but i didn’t know what i was doing.
Have you ever been in a fit of rage?: hm. not really.
Have you ever performed on stage?: yes.
What’s your hourly wage? (If you have a job.): not enough.

Have you ever seen a bear?: a sun bear, at the zoo.
Are you currently sitting in a chair?: no.
Have you ever played Truth or Dare?: yes.
Do you like to go to the fair?: yes.
What color is your hair?: dark brown.
When did you last eat a pear?: it’s been years.
Do you like your steak cooked rare?: medium rare.
Do you often curse/swear?: no.
Look! What’s that over there?!?!: it better not be a centipede.
What is your favorite kind of shoe to wear?: i like my crocs.

Are you wearing anything that’s blue?: no.
Have you ever played the game Clue?: no.
What is your favorite thing in the world to do?: relax.
When did you last have the flu?: last month.
Have you ever eaten glue?: no.
Are you a Jew?: no.
Have you ever looked at a cow and said moo?: no.
Do you tend to buy clothes used or new?: new.
Do you like Pepe Le Pew?: he’s cute, in a persistent kind of way.
If you have Netflix, how many items are in your queue?: i have netflix streaming, so no queue.
Do you ever made your own stew?: yes. i can’t get it as yummy as others, though.
Are all your answers to these questions true?: yes?
Have you ever been to the zoo?: yes.
no questions about my favorite hue? or if i need to go to the loo? what did i last chew? 😛 this is fun. i can make up my own questions! 🙂


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