Posted by: malia | June 6, 2014

friday five: if i were

The Friday Five

1) If I were a mammal, I would be…
…a dolphin, normally, because i’d like to swim and play in the waves and be free to roam this wide, wide world. however, i’d be afraid of getting corralled in by people and killed, or getting caught in fishermen’s nets set out for tuna. so maybe i’d rather be a spoiled lap dog, who goes for grooming and gets expensive treats and is very much loved. ❤

2) If I were a reptile, I would be…
…a tortoise on the galápagos islands. i’d be really huge, have my protection right on my back, be able to regulate my body temperature, and whenever i don’t feel very social, i can withdraw into my shell. i’d also live for over 100 years.

3) If I were a bird, I would be…
…again, i think i would go with a pampered pet parrot. they live a good 80 or so years, are fed regularly, have a strong bond, and can learn to talk! not that i would talk a lot, but to know that i have the intellectual capability to figure out vocalizations that would get me what i want is pretty great. 🙂

4) If I were a fish, I would be…
…a deep sea fish. face it, i already look like them. and i’d be in the darkness which will allow me to hide when i don’t feel social or presentable to others. i’d carry my own light with me so i don’t have to worry about being totally in the dark when i don’t want to be. and i’d be under so much pressure that i’d have to stay where i am–if i try to rise up to the surface, my body would blow up. so i’d stay in the dark where i belong. i think the only problem would be that eating may be few and far between, as i’d just have to wait for it to fall from above.

5) If I were a dinosaur, I would be…
…a t-rex, as my first instinct. then everyone would be afraid of me and run away. but i really don’t think i’d like those short little arms. so maybe a pterosaur–i’d be able to fly to travel and get away from predators. or maybe a megaladon or an ichthyosaur or a plesiosaur, like nessie–something in the water. i’d have more freedom to move, less worry about being caught by carnivorous dinosaurs, and retreat to the depths when i don’t want to be found.


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