Posted by: malia | June 5, 2014

tot meme

TOT meme

1. What is an irrational fear you have?
hmm. i guess maybe fear of heights. i can’t look down when i’m near a window. i can look straight ahead at the scenery, but the moment i look *down* my legs feel funny and my knees will start to buckle. i get the same way when i see people climbing. even though i’m on solid ground, if i look up, even just to watch a kid climb the jungle gym, my legs start to wobble, and i have to look away. it also affects hikes–i can hike up, no problem. but the minute i have to go down, and have to be looking down to take the next step, i freeze up. maybe it’s not so much the fear of heights as it is of falling from high up.

2. What is the chore that is the worst for you?
cleaning, i guess. i have to be in the right mindset to clean; otherwise i find other ways to occupy myself.

3. Are you a sports person/fan? (Feel free to share the teams you cheer for! Go Team Go!)
well. not exactly, though i do enjoy a good baseball or volleyball game. mostly it’s my alma mater’s team that i route for. for baseball, it’s the braves, for sentimental reasons.



  1. Cleaning is everyone’s nightmare chore. 🙂

    • heehee ain’t that the truth? 😛

  2. thanks for linking up! i am afraid of heights too! I enjoy the Braves too, but I also like Atlanta as a city too 🙂

    • i’m going to atlanta this summer! what do you suggest?

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