Posted by: malia | June 4, 2014


from here.

You don’t have a lucky number.
You were a big Harry Potter fan as a kid.
You’re easily irritated.
You have a blog on Tumblr.
You feel as if you wasted your teenage years.
You have a BlackBerry.
People tell you that you don’t smile enough.
You argue with your parents daily.
You’d like to visit Rome.
You like to watch Pretty Little Liars.
You’re past caring what other people think.
You’re English.
You don’t really have a wide range of friends.
The Pretty Reckless is your favourite band.
You have bad anxiety.
You only drink alcohol every few weeks.
You have a messed up attitude to food and your weight.
You’re good at keeping secrets.
You love the movie Girl, Interrupted.
You find Zac Efron attractive.
You never really listen to the radio.
You don’t intend to learn to drive any time soon.
You dislike really warm weather.
You love Marina and the Diamonds.
You’re pretty shy.
The last year has been the worst of your entire life.
You dislike your accent.
You would love to have more confidence.
You don’t have any posters on your bedroom walls.
You’re obsessed with keeping clean.
You have very little patience.
You don’t have much of a social life.
You love the sound of rain.
You’re not sure what your ‘biggest fear’ is.
You complain a lot.
You keep your problems to yourself.
You avoid being the center of attention.
You’re sarcastic.
You have a ton of personal jokes with yourself.
You have a pet dog.
You dread having your photo taken.
You absolutely hate eating in front of people.
You spend a lot of time hidden away in your bedroom.
You feel pretty tired most of the time.
You’ve had heart surgery before.
You’re ashamed to say that your weight is your biggest obsession.
You have regrets.
You dislike most of the clothes that you own.
You’re constantly on edge.
You don’t really text a lot.
You’re unsure about your future.
You avoid asking other people for help.
You adore finding song lyrics that you can relate to.
You drink a lot of water.
You’re eighteen.


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