Posted by: malia | June 2, 2014

bold survey

from here.

your name starts with a J
you’re 16
you’ve had a boyfriend for 13 months
he is 18
you’re going to school for cosmetology
you like gaming
you like sly cooper
you have short hair
you have 2 cats
you have 2 dogs
you have an iPhone
you’ve played guitar for over 10 years
you’ve played piano for over 2 years
you like arcade fire
you like nirvana
you like adtr
you have over 40 pairs of shoes
you like thrift shopping
you don’t have a job
you have your belly button pierced
you have your rook pierced
you have your conch pierced
your earlobes are stretched
you used to have your septum pierced
you actually don’t like cod or pokemon
you’ve dyed your hair over 40 times
you’re going to grow it out super long and dye it red
your favorite Disney movie is lady and the tramp
you have a Marilyn Monroe poster in your room
you have a GTA 3 poster in your room
you have christmas lights in your room
you have black curtains
you have red carpet in your room
your favorite drink is chocolate milk
your favorite food is pizza
you can literally eat an entire pizza by yourself
at stores, you’re always in the clearance section
your boyfriend is really, really smart
you’re a junior in high school
you went through the scene phase in middle school
you own over 15 gaming systems, not including handheld
you have grey/green eyes
you don’t like alcohol
you have your license
you have a car
you’ve never been arrested

you play minecraft
you choose sims 2 over sims 3
you choose playstation games over xbox games
you use twitter daily
you don’t like high school dances
you’ll be graduating from college the same time you graduate from hs
you want to move to London
you want to own a thrift shop and a hair salon
you have a little brother
you’re the oldest child in the family
your parents were young when they had you
your brother has heart problems
you have one best friend and 3 other close friends
you don’t like your friends that much
you hate hairspray
you spoil your cat
you can be really mean when you want to be
you’re on a birth control that is not free
you own a lot of dresses
you’re naturally a brunette
your hair is currently black
you’re taking an online class
you’re really good at algebra, but terrible at geometry
you have a calender with cats on it
you liked cats before it was cool
you like classic movies
you used to be obsessed with leonardo dicaprio
you used to be obsessed with star wars


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