Posted by: malia | May 26, 2014

first lines

from here.

Put your music player on shuffle, and answer with the first lines!

The first thing you say when you wake up:
“what are you doing for the rest of your life?”
(“rest of my life” by nā leo pilimehana)

The last thing you say before you go to sleep:
“say everybody have you heard if you’re in the game stroke’s the word”
(“stroke” by billy squier)

You get lost in the countryside and in anger you shout:
“baby seems we never ever agree”
(“opposites attract” by paula abdul)

The person you secretly love asks you out, you say:
“all around the world statues crumble for me who knows how long i’ve loved you.”
(“fly” by sugar ray)

Your best friend asks you what you think of their outfit, you say:
“for whatever reason i feel like i’ve been wanting you all my life”
(“boys” by britney spears)

A waiter is very rude to you in a restaurant, you complain:
“nani wale ka pua lei ka ‘ilima”
(“nā pua lei ‘ilima” by olomana)

Someone tries to steal your bag! You chase them down the street screaming:
“tall is the tale of the mischievous one”
(“hawaiian suppa man” by israel kamakawiwo’ole)

Your partner has just asked you to get married! You answer:
“brother pele’s in the back, sweet seena’s in the front”
(“how bizarre” by omc)

You believe life would be better if everyone lived by the motto:
“i came to dance dance dance dance”
(“dynamite” by taio cruz)

You just got a detention for something you didn’t do! You say:
“i got up this morning i rolled out of bed i felt like a dog who’s been kicked in the head”
(“love for sale” by bon jovi)

You have just caught someone telling a whopping great lie, you say:
“if you see faded sign at the side of the road that says 15 miles to the love shack”
(“love shack” by b-52s)

Your grandma has bought you a present that you don’t like, you say:
*yikes* “i want to kiss you in paris”
(“justify my love” by madonna)

Some moron just drove their van into your brand new car! You shout:
“well I’ve been out of the woods for six days and nights now”
(“light of day” by joan jett and the blackhearts)

You are at a wedding and the bride asks you to say a few words, you say:
“right about now the funk soul brother check it out now the funk soul brother” heehee
(“the rockafella skank” by fatboy slim)

Your partner has just broken up with you, you say:
“please don’t stop the please don’t stop the please don’t stop the music”
(‘don’t stop the music” by the treblemakers)

You are late for class again! Your excuse is:
“day after day i’m more confused yet i look for the light through the pouring rain”
(“drift away” by uncle cracker)

When you are scared, to give yourself confidence you repeat to yourself:
“i’d say love was a magical thing, i’d say love would keep us from pain, had i been there”
(“a different corner” by wham!)

If you were elected Prime Minister of Britain, you would comment:
“on the island, we do it island style”
(“island style” by john cruz)

When asked your opinion of Britney Spears, you reply:
“lay your hands on me”
(“lay your hands on me” by bon jovi)

When asked your opinion of God, you reply:
“aloha ku’u pua mikinolia”
(“pua mikinolia” by keali’i reichel)

When asked your opinions on gay marriage, you reply:
“come on ride the train hey ride it”
(“c’mon and ride the train” by quad city djs)

When asked your opinion on war, you reply:
“summer came and left without a warning”
(“endless summer nights” by richard marx)

When asked your opinion of love at first sight, you reply:
“i guess this time you’re really leaving”
(“i’ll be there for you” by bon jovi)

You have been arrested for murder! In your defense you say:
“you really do know how to strut that stuff”
(“sex as a weapon” by pat benatar)

You have had a really bad day, you say:
“saying that your love’s true never i’ll doubt you”
(“alright” by janet jackson)

You want to tell your partner that you love them, but instead say:
“aruba jamaica ooh i want to take you to bermuda bahamas come on pretty mama”
(“kokomo” by the beach boys)

Your enemy starts talking to you so you tell them:
“i know what boys like i know what guys want”
(“i know what boys like” by the party)

When you die, you hope people remember you with the words:
“don’t go changing to try and please me”
(“just the way you are” by billy joel)

Your last words before you die will be:
“children i wanna warn you because i’ve been to california”
(“do you wanna hold me?” by bow wow wow)


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